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  1. I jus been doing some youtube scouting and I watched a vid confirming walmart have placed the date 06/01/2012 when pre-ordering the game, now as this is walmart im assuming 1st of June but that would be a friday but it also could mean world wide release or possible 6th of January if its english dated which it isnt anyway heres the link check it out for urselves - http://www.walmart.com/ip/Grand-Theft-Auto-V-Xbox-360-Xbox-360/16563607

  2. I dont think they will end it like RDR I think because they made it so John had a bad past, it was a crime doesnt pay message, and to show how bad it was during those times to, altho if u judge their last 2 games Niko gets his Girlfriend/cousin killed and John Marston dies and his son does the thing that John didnt want him to do, so im looking for a more realistic ending rather than ride into the sunset owning the whole city

  3. only actions I see are that they are making the cities look more like their real life counterparts, Liberty City looks more like New York, Los Santos looks more like L.A, I personally think R* have been clever because they always have that ace up there sleeve where they can ruffle up a frenzy jus look at this Tommy Vercetti thing going on right now.... it isnt him but its certainly causing some hype. I do see your point and agree with u in most respects but im just saying its a bold thing to say..... where's Marney with the shit wall when you need him :D jk

  4. and Asthenia I couldn't accept another mans GTA copy its not right its like taking someones child :D plus between you and me I don't think there will be characters returning.

    Op I'm not saying we do need them, and yes the games have been upgraded all I'm saying is that if R* didnt want any mention of the GTA 3 era again they would of said exactly what you just said, and GTA IV takes place over a decade since GTA 3 anyway so no they wont talk about Catalina and Leone's, you are basically saying that no reference or appearance of any GTA 3 character will possibly happen ever full stop I think thats a pretty bold statement to make when you have rockstar saying VIRTUALLY no characters will be returning (talking about IV) that to me doesnt say GTA 3 era is dead and buried and no further mention of them will be had

  5. seriously I don't mean to be a pain in the ass here I'm just pointing out that nowhere has R* games said they didnt exist in the IV era, I dont want them to come back but that doesn't mean that there wont be a radio mention or something and lets be fair R* have done crazier things, and I dont see how IV shows me that, because its not mentioned doesn't mean it did not exist and it would of degraded if this era of games are draped in GTA 3 game history I know that, I'm just saying its not something that is ridiculous, R* can do anything they please and they were right virually none of the characters were in GTA IV and alot of them would be dead as they were killed by you which is the majority of the bad guys, but the ones who are alive might get a mention even if its GTA XXI.

  6. Im neither saying there will or won't be but im just saying I dont think R* catergorically denied that they will ever be back, thats just not R* style, and to say they never existed in this universe is a major thing, me personally I dont mind if characters come back or not, I liked Niko as a main character doesn't mean i want to form a super team and take over the world :D

  7. well with people saying about San Diego that would be interesting, I think you will have 2 small cities or one medium outside of LS, I just hope there is stuff to do in the countryside, but faith has been restored and if its their most ambitious game I dont think they just mean size, I think they mean other things to, I would quite like to see the drug running game in V that was quite addictive on CTW aslong as you have something to spend the money on in the game, I really do hope they put in some more customization too kinda depressing to only edit your character a little.

  8. but im sure they said Los Santos is the only "Major" City, which leads me to think that there are other cities but just not as vast as they will make Los Santos, i mean correct me if im wrong but sounds to me like there will be possible 2 little cities and some backwater towns (R* aren't going to pass up on some hillbilly bashing) my confidence has been restored and tbh if im wrong and it is jus Los Santos and some countryside, I expect a heap of features that haven't existed in other GTA games, Dan Houser is arguably the best games designer in the world period and I expect another classic, haters will hate IV but we all know that technically nothing even compares to it.

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  9. hey guys im back, and after a bit of a sob, some sleep and about 5 hours of online BF3 I am now back in gaming mode, and after watching the trailer again, feeling really pumped bout this new game, that hobo is in no way shape or form packie or niko, if it was how depressing Packie has pretty much the majority of his family killed and Niko has his cousin/girlfriend killed, anyways the 24th of May isnt release date because like many have said its a thursday which isnt the usual release date for NA or EU plus if its a world wide release its usually a saturday I think :S, and no after much umming and ahhhing I dont think that is Tommy, because the dude would be like 60 in this game so if it is Tommy must be hitting the botox with the rest of L.A

  10. I agree with that mate but think of the cool things that cud of been added if a large proportion of space wasnt taken up by scenery, like Mad Dooby's car mod ideas, strategical Bank Robberies, hell maybe even a small Las Venturas where u can own and develop ur own casino's, or I can wander a forest in the hope that i find an easter egg sasquatch

    and might i add in Skyrim I can set a dragon on lawmen so....