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  1. I was playing basketball and I smashed my finger and cracked the skin underneath the nail and its like a bit bloody and hurts like a bitch. do you guys know what I can do to sooth the pain? (the part the blood is under is the part where you clip your nail)

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    2. Rayge


      I heard chopping your fingers off with a blunt kitchen knife will stop any feeling whatsoever going to them again.

    3. narcolepsy


      Your nail may begin to go black. Basically the nail needs to come off, but for instant relief, heat a needle and press it to the nail and you should feel relief. The needle needs to be hot as fuck so do it with a stove and hold the needle with something that isnt your bare finger.

    4. danz0r


      Actually I went to sleep yesterday and when I woke up today all the blood just disappeared only dry skin was left....