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  1. so.fucking.addicted

    \to this game right now. just started, already at level 19.

    Stealth, archery, imperial female thane with facial scarring, awesomey.

    Have about 5 different types of bows, like long bow, hunting, imperial, ancient and it's the dwarven one I think,

    being the best at 23 damage. Modified at the workbench or wheel, still learning which is which.

    I cannot believe how addicting this game is......

    Bethesda is Bethesda, bro, be it Fallout or Elder Scrolls. They're all amazing.

    Once you're done with Skyrim (5 years from now), you should give Oblivion a try. It's older, and that age shows, but it's a damn fine game. The world is more varied than Skyrim, too.

    Trying hard not to finish but I'm maxed on skills with few missions left other than the main story (Blades) and the war.

    Thieves Guild Master, Archmage of the College of Winterhold, Thane of 3 Holds. Been a really fun ride leveling up and learning the game.

    Didn't go for the final Companions, because first play through. Staying a human.

    To finish being the head of the Dark Brotherhood will affect the outcome of being in the Imperial side of the war.

    But that is just an oversight, I've gone so far without joining yet, might as well complete Dark Brotherhood's finale = the big one.

    I have crappy photos but one thing I noticed is that Illia from Darklight Tower as a companion, the expert mage,

    will lose her robe and run around in bikini if you provide her with the execution hood. Good times L0L.

    Note: dismiss her and unlike other companions it's pretty much goodbye. I read she can be recruited into the Blades though....





    Yep my first play through is as an Imperial girl, and she is is worth about 500K right now.

    She loves to run around in her underwear as well, getting all kinds of funny comments.

    Illia and the Imperial at the peak of their relationship in Solitude:


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  2. any tips to get both rewards from The Replicated Man side quest??

    Tell Harkness his secret's safe with you, grab your reward, then go straight to Zimmer and collect his reward. Go ahead and kill Zimmer and his buddy after, though. I don't think they have much of value, but, why not?

    I don't remember if that's actually how you do that, so save first.

    It's how I always do it every play through, lost track after 20.

    Concurrent with the final chapter of the Wasteland Survival Guide quest.

    After *all* information has been gathered from Pinkerton, for both quests simultaneously,

    then you have the failsafe code to go to Harkness.

    Of course the lone wanderer has already spoken with, and accepted the mission from Zimmer.

    After speaking with Pinkerton, go to Harkness, tell him the truth, when he doesn't believe, use the failsafe code.

    This will make him want to kill Zimmer. Dialogue is basically give me the gun I'll do it.

    You then get Harkness' reward AR-21 Plasma Rifle.

    Then go to Zimmer and tell him the runaway android is Harkness, and get Zimmer's implant reward.

    Then kill him and his mook. You'll get a few things, but more importantly the satisfaction of the kill.

    Go back to Harkness and report it's done, completing the Replicated Man.

    Reporting to Moira completes the Guide.

    YAY! You're still a greedy homicidal maniac. Success.....

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  3. so.fucking.addicted

    \to this game right now. just started, already at level 19.

    Stealth, archery, imperial female thane with facial scarring, awesomey.

    Have about 5 different types of bows, like long bow, hunting, imperial, ancient and it's the dwarven one I think,

    being the best at 23 damage. Modified at the workbench or wheel, still learning which is which.

    I cannot believe how addicting this game is......

  4. Fallout 3 has become a bit of an obsession with me now... fuck this game. Doesn't help that I am indecisive...

    90 odd hours in and I still haven't explored about a third of the map. I have about 10 quests available and at times have no idea what to do, so I explore some more and end up with another quest line!!

    Has moved up to #2 on my list of best games of all time after GTA: San Andreas....

    Once I get out of Vault 112, I think it's on to wiping out the slave trade... any tips for clearing slaver camps? I haven't really done much stealth killing yet so would like to try and get some mines/ traps in Paradise Falls and the Lincoln Memorial as a back up to my trusty guns... if I use a stealth boy and drop a mine in the vicinity of an enemy, will I be seen?

    Don't think so. I've dropped dozens of bottlecap mines around enemies while wearing the Chinese Stealth Armor.....must be same effect for Stealth Boy.

    Just make sure it doesn't wear off too soon, because if you are un-prepared, there are a lot of heavily armed slavers there. Note the Rocket Launcher guy up in the tower.

    Helps to take him and any Minigun types out first. You can do it, it is really easy. Sometimes guns blazing is better than stealth though!

    I usually go in with various flamers like Burnmaster, Rapid Torch,etc....grenades, maybe a few nuka grenades for a cluster of 3-5 slavers.

    2 side quests within Paradise Falls other than the actual slaving quest given by the main entry guard:

    If you didn't see Squirrel running at you when you first went in, make sure you talk to the kids after you wipe all the slavers out. You'll get into Little Lamplight as a hero.

    Also the armory guy has a side quest involving 20 Chinese Assault Rifles. If you've donated them to him, you'll get them back by cleaning out the camp and then taking the whole armory.

    I stash everything in the entire place in the fridge outside in the food/bar area. Fast travel point is out in front by the guard. Also conveniently for the hundreds of caps you'll make on just shit items,

    the trading caravans appear in front of Paradise Falls. If you don't see one of the caravans, do the wait-button for an hour, or two, they will appear making your moving the stash easier.

    Don't forget to get everything at Paradise Falls, there is some spectacular loot there, especially in Eulogy's Pad.

  5. Still have trouble with inventory management because I want to be a hoarder but I end up stashing big piles of stuff in random rubbish bins but never remember which ones later on....

    The locations that you discover, like train station entrances/exit gates - will have a garbage can outside.

    Then you can fast travel back to the location once discovered. Then make trips to and from Megaton or other pad.

    When I forgot where they were like you said, I started stashing loot in cans next to a fast travel location spot.

    One play through, the game locked me out of a certain interior, that's when I consolidated ideas, and started stashing

    in outside garbage cans, near a fast travel point. Sometimes gotta walk a ways while over encumbered.

    Glad to see you're enjoying the game Gin, it is awesome. (Y)

    I always go back to Fallout 3 and FNV.....

    Right now I just finished up the final DLC's for both, on like 20th play through. Have fun man.

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  6. I had the fortune of finding this on my 2nd play through, early on.

    Missed it on my 100% file, it can be found right after Trevor's first LS heist.....

    Trevor talking to Mr. Raspberry Jam:

    "(Listens) Hehehehe, you are a naughty bear Mr.Jam"

    "Aren't you a trooper? Aren't ya?"

    "Koochy- koochy-koooo"

    "Friends Forever"

    "Mmm, How could I say no to you, heh?"

    "(laughing quietly), hehehe, if you wanna do that we're gonna need a safe word....."

    "mucky nose, naughty"

    "Mmm Look at you, mmm."

    "(cough) uh, I am vanilla by your standards"

    "Hmmm? Oh you have the filthiest mouth, you know that!

    "Mmmm, you'll keep our secret...."

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  7. Minigun!

    6th floor of the air control tower at Fort Zancudo. All credit goes to xXMeLikeBigBoomsX for the tip.

    This is how I did it:

    They way I got it there was the "Target Practice" mission glitch, on my 2nd play through.

    This is a cheat-free glitch in the game that (still) works as of 1-8-2014 on XB360.

    Before you start the Trevor mission it helps to have bought the SS Hangar, as we will be looting Fort Zancudo.

    Start the mission. Instead of following Cletus up the stairs, set destination point to the FZ entrance north.

    Call a Taxi or drive there, Taxi is faster. Enter the base and find the tower. Climb the stairs to the 6th floor.

    The weapon is right there on the floor. Re-enter as many times as desired, for 1,000 rounds each spawn.

    (I stopped at three times = 3,000 rounds, but you may want to try for more yourself.)

    Then grab the Lazer and fly it to your hangar and park it. This is the equivalent of the Hydra in GTA San Andreas, with full weaponry, and also works great in the knife flight missions. Taxi back to the Fort and grab the Buzzard. Fly it back to your hangar and park it in the helicopter spot. Taxi or drive back to Cletus to complete the mission.

    After mission completion saved you will have the minigun, Lazer, and Buzzard.

    NOTE: This is a no-kill humans mission so you may or may not have difficulty stealing the Rhino Tank,

    much less a facility to store such a large land vehicle. I played with it but did not store it as obvious notes.

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  8. Reddit has a lot of users who follow fallout, and they dont ban you / are immediately hostile about posting new links.

    Psy recommended we start simple, so im following his advice.

    But, i agree about getting the fallout goty edition ^_^ best value.

    Xbox Game store has the game and all DLC cheaper than I can get a GOTY edition - being a cheap arse, I didn't want to buy any that I didn't need to...

    All of the DLC's are worth it.

    Let us know how you get on with them Ging.

  9. Well, i think the site is legit, due to the cost of the bandwith required to keep it up.

    Mirelurks kinda sucked...

    Great source of food in FO3.

    The mountains of eggs....

    Like shrimp, crab, and lobster BBQ all in one.

    Look at Mire/Nuka Lurks again. Yep, yummy.

    Hard to kill,

    Not. You're just intimated by them. They are puppy dogs to kill.

    Flamers always make short work of the 'lurk. It even pre-cooks your mirelurk cakes.

    I couldn't have said it better myself.

    Especially since the Flamer can be found early on.

  10. What sort of tips do you need?

    I keep experimenting with clubs and distance arrows, but the main thing is I don't know golf.

    I actually do better just using the default clubs, but I am really just trying to knock the ball in the hole.

    Can't even come close to beating that Castro guy.

    Can you get the requirement by "not checking the box" and accepting to play Castro?

    I think you only see him when you check the box, but it is hard skill level on my game.

    There is no one else to have as an opponent, no where else to golf except that course by Michael's house.

    I tried playing Franklin but that only counts as the friend / pastimes.

    Edit: Now I see your comment on my update, that's awesome news.

    One more thing to try, playing by myself and getting under "par".

  11. Thanks Synch but I have found everything now - this is the first GTA I have 100% in!! And largely without guides... I knew you turn these maps inside out so was just after some general hints on how to do that - I would get easily distracted....

    The aural clues for the letters and spaceship parts were invaluable so I really only used guides for stunt jumps (cheers bOnEs) and knife flights and yes the Epsilon tracts were really sucky...

    Ok cool, and congratulations!

    Now how about the golf? Got any 100% club tips to help me pass?

  12. Anyone have tips or tricks to success in winning Golf: Michael against NPC Castro?

    I need to pass a golf game for the 100% so any help is appreciated.

    The friend golf game doesn't count it has to be with a NPC like Rae in Tennis did.

    Can anyone give me some advice and tips on guide-free collectible hunting (Synch, where are you?). I have always used guides for the collectibles in past GTA games but I want to make the extra effort to find them myself if that is possible.

    Also how many different types are there? I am aware of two so far.... And how many are underwater?

    Just to show how useless I am, I have played around 40 odd hours and found 2 so far. Actually, I am wondering where that time went because I still have 40 odd missions to complete... :huh:

    Thanks in advance

    Hey, Ging - Thanks for the props.

    I'm sure by now based on the date of your original post that you've already found out about all of these.

    If you still need help let me know, I located all the collectibles. 3 types hidden, 2 types mapped out during certain side missions.

    They are easier to find than the secrets of Golfing....

    5 types I found so far:

    50/50 Letter Scraps, hidden, relatively easy to find including popular tourist monuments.

    50/50 Spaceship parts, hidden, less easy to find but if you explore you'll find most. Yes they hum when you are near them.

    30/30 Nuke pieces, mapped out during missions.

    30/30 Sub pieces, mapped out during missions.

    10/10 Epsilon Tracts, not required for 100%, but VERY WELL hidden. These truly suck.

  13. Is there anyway to swap the cars around in the garage to different places? I want them in size order so I can actually see the smaller cars that are currently being hidden by the bigger ones.

    GTA Online, or Single Player Campaign?

    If you are asking about the R* garages on single player, just drive the vehicles out of the garage one at a time.

    Drive them back in, to the order you desire. That sorts them out for me anyway.

  14. Updating the 1st page thread with images of the AA-12 Automatic Shotgun and Armor spawns,

    as well as the back entrance to the subway construction tunnels as access point.

    The back entrance to these tunnels has proved a solid escape route time and time again.

    My Franklin basically lived here while raising money for properties. Escaping from store robberies,

    armored car heists, assassinations, hit and runs, and killing large amount of gang bangers.

    It is fool proof, on stand alone single player campaign. Franklin has also used it on side

    missions where he needs to escort clients out of danger as the Taxi Company owner.

    You can kill the Vagos here for money, tourists up on the flats overlooking the dam water,

    and blow up cars to excel Michael's Scrapyard earnings. It is a great escape tunnel.

    The cops NEVER go in after you.........

    AA-12 Assault Shotgun:

    1. In a hole in the ground, in the LST subway construction area, with armor. Scaffolding has health also.

    This is the tunnels used in the Jewelry Heist mission. Found it long before the mission on my first game.


    Here is the back entrance which cops will never go into. Easy 3-4 star escape. Plus gang members

    spawn there so more money and ammo. Note this escape works for 100% of all robberies and wanted levels.

    Follow it through to construction site right before the freeway hole in the underpass. Get to know this route.


  15. Sniper Rifle: 1. On top of a yellow circular tower at the Cluckin Bell facility, Paleto Bay. Can see it from Ammu-Nation.

    Comes with 10 rounds and re-spawns every few minutes if you want to max out. I stopped at 650 rounds.

    The tower is far right of the Cluckin Bell Reception double doors. Jump fence, climb ladders.


    Snapshot added to first page to make it easier to find.....

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