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  1. That's a good glitch. Look forward to finding it.

    How in the hell did you find it Ass of Spodes? Just exploring?


    I just bought the sub dock, and have been collecting the nukes.

    So now I am finding all sorts of shit underwater besides the spawns I posted before.

    Found the UFO by accident, but haven't found the $12K briefcase yet, underwater version.

    Found the land version long ago.

  2. Very strange yet awesome multiple NPC spawns.

    Multiple spawns of Patricia, Michael, and Ron at the Sandy Shores safe house while playing as Trevor.

    In between the missions of Predator (storyliner) and An American Welcome. (Side Mission)

    Go in and out the door of Trevor's safe house in SS.

    Also drink a lot of beers and watch the TV in the now-cleaned trailer.

    First it was just Patricia sparking my interest, then I noticed multiple Michaels.

    If you re-do it enough times you also get multiple front yard Ron's as well.

    (He has been target shooting in the front yard the whole time)

    I got up to 3 Patricia's, 2 Michaels, and 2 Ron's.......

  3. Unlike y'all I am not even close to finishing the story line missions,

    so I don't have what I have read about such as submarine, scuba gear, etc.

    *avoids spoilers but some slip by and I can't un-see them*

    I've just been free diving with 100/100 lung capacity and have found a lot of armor, health, weapons.

    Seems like lots of sunken vessel and aircraft locations have stuff, marked by that weird mushroom cloud of algae.

    That algae monstrosity by the way is super creepy. With the sounds of the under sea as well.

    Also topside seems like any boat or buoy has shit below it.

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  4. I always imagined Carcer as Detroit

    Incorrect. Carcer is Cleveland, sir. -_-

    Really? Cleveland Ohio? I gotta go there then.

    Look in some windows at night and shit.

    The original Manhunt was so awesome, I always wondered what city it was based on.

    My step dad had an auto dismantling / wrecking yard that looked similar to the one in the game.

    Nailgun FTW.

  5. Another one - Chop!

    Now I've been kinda neglecting/ignoring him but I finally decided to take him for a walk. Drove all the way to the top of Mount Chiliad and let him 'lose' on a hiker - was quite amusing, even more so when the hiker's body slid all the way down the mountain! :clap:

    He'll be ignored no more!

    Chop can take out an entire army of enemy gang members.

    My jaw dropped when Franklin decided to take him on a walk to the garage on Grove St.

    On another note, don't throw the baseball for him if a cop is near. :clap:

  6. Throughout the city are confession strips to a murder of a girl, last name Johnson. If you have any info or locations post here. Use spoiler tags if necessary.

    Leonora Johnson.

    I've been collecting these without any map or help and am about half way through.

    If anyone is interested in the whole back story of Lenora Johnson, you can go to on the in game cell phone or computer.

    Main page, Bio, What We Know, and The Main Players are sub categories, with photos.

    I just happened to find the website, it pretty much appears to be the Rockstar version

    of the real life late 1940's Los Angeles murder mystery "The Black Dahlia"......

    Leonora was brutally murdered 1-17-75 / Elizabeth was brutally murdered 1-15-47

  7. Armor behind the health clinic in Sandy Shores beside the caged generator in the corner. Heath around front so full bars all around!!

    That armor is actually behind the Sandy Shores Sheriff Station, next door to the SS Clinic that has health.

    Since you're there, go to the boat house and fill up on Molotovs. Can only hold 25, so stand there long enough

    to re-spawn 5 times and you're full. Love that feature of the spawns in the new game, every couple minutes.

    Now that the garages are safe, I could always use another Daemon.

    Cool. Like I said, found this at the end of a Lost based random encounter.

    So if necessary, go to their trailer park (what's left of it) as the Hexens still spawn there.

    Grab one, come here to this spot, and try to get this bike to spawn here if it doesn't all the time.

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  8. Synch, will you be making maps or complete lists once all the pickups have been located?

    Update gtagrl, looks like the first post in this this thread will support the list theory.

    That's what I've been adding to/editing in as my 3 boys make their findings.

    I can't wait to find the heavier weapons spawns, and keep exploring for them.

    In the end every post in this thread will be added to the list.

    Hopefully members will add their findings as well.

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  9. I guess it is time specific.

    A lot of the random events are also time specific, but will re-spawn if missed or failed, thankfully.

    Some are valuable to complete as soon as possible, as they involve hugs sums of money.

    Example: Instead of sacrificing a victim girl that Trevor just found, he rescued her.

    He was rewarded $60K. The girl is the daughter of a Mafia boss who was partners with John Gravelli from GTAIV.

  10. I feel sorry for people who are bored of this game. Not empathy, no. I can't feel that. I feel pity. Especially for you young people.

    Back in the San Andreas days, we knew how to have fun. I had a single file with 1200 hours on it. I made my own fun, long after I had seen everything the game had to offer. If you're bored of GTA V after two weeks, you might as well just kill yourself.

    This. R* has spent years working on creating a cool, immersive, richly detailed sandbox to play in. There's so much to do and experience. Even just strolling on the beach and listening to NPC conversations, finding collectibles, testing the minigames, trying to drive every vehicle in the game, the satire on radio, internet and TV...anyone who finishes the story and decides it's already boring - I feel sorry for you. You're missing out on so much.

    Can't agree more with both of you.

    Right now my Trevor has the highest count of birds disintegrated with the helicopter rotors, over Franklin and Michael.

    Ah, the memories we will have.

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  11. Not exactly a glamorous weapon find, but there's a baseball bat on the floor in the graffitti-covered shack full of portapotties beside Hookies, the seafood resto south of the gondola. (Buyable property, it looks like a Lost hangout if you also want a bike or a fistfight.)

    No wonder Trevor can't buy it.

    He can buy it, it's just that you usually already have one when you try. Same with the knife for Franklin. One per slot.

  12. Indeed it was. Just imagine how low the bar would be today if Rockstar hadn't gotten their shit together by GTA III.

    For sure, good point. Would they even be in the top 5 as Bethesda is?

    I had liked Activision, but then again, R* and Bethesda much better.

    R.I.P. Pandemic....before EA sucked them up and neutered them.

    (The original Suffering and Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction were awesome)

    I know some new gamers who complain about what they've seen of lll, VC, and even SA graphics.

    WTF? Bad graphics aside, those are great games. Busted my ass getting 100% in lll and VC.

    SA not so hard, more like easy bragging rights at 10x 100% completions.

    The graphics in V are phenomenal. I am still impressed every day I play.

  13. Are you referring to the injured woman he picks up? He says "the state you're in," meaning she's no good to them bleeding out like that.

    Also, keep delivering people there. $1000 a head, and things get... interesting after you've brought enough people. No spoilers, just remember to have a look around after.

    Yeah I just figured it out. Where he took her was some random Vinewood bullshit. That's not the Altruistic place at all.

    So I guess I was right on their name.

    Where he *should* have taken her was the place I have been stalking. The Altruistic Cult Fort.

    Now I am guessing they are cannibals but haven't gotten there yet......nice spawns anyway.

  14. Is there a spawn location for Merryweather's off-road Mesa? I never grabbed one on my first file, and it creates a restore point if you replay a mission, so I'll be where I left off, without the car.

    Also, has anyone found a Daemon yet? It's bad enough they removed the Zombie, but the Daemon is the only real motorcycle in the game that isn't a dumb-looking Hexer.

    Although there's lots of killer stunting bikes like PCJ and NRG......

    When I find your bike Massacre, (Daemon) I'll post a spawn point if there is one. ;)

    To be honest I haven't encountered yet as I am way behind in missions.

    Way too busy having fun.


    I've been incorrect in my assumption that the cult at the top of Mount Josiah was the Altruistic Cult.

    That being said, my Trevor has just picked up a hitchhiker en route to the real Altruistic Camp, in Vinewood Hills.

    So that leaves me just posting spawns since I don't invest heavily in story mode.

    The cult in the fort at the top of Josiah is where the Armor, RPG, and Assault Shotgun (AA-12) spawn in the north west corner.

    It's also one of Trevor's weaponry drops from the McKenzie Airfield runs.

    I have explored that place heavily and can mingle with the folks there.

    They are the nyked crazies that re-spawn after killing them all. Franklin found that out.

    There are some funny images people took on the Social Club Snapshot area of them.

    Still they are intelligent, talking about gyroscopes and thermography. Butterflies everywhere up there.

    I wonder if this is what Trevor calls his family the "State Urine".....

    But don't tell me without spoiler tags. This is the shit I love in the game.

  15. Why am I the only person that voted for GTA2? That game was incredible, and it paved the way for the current GTA's we now know and love.
    I think you're talking about GTA III my friend...
    No I'm taking about GTA2. Overhead view. Shitty graphics. But awesome gameplay for its time.

    It was exactly like the first game.

    Wasn't London the overhead graphics as well?

    I have 2 somewhere but still never fired it up.

    Bought it interested in the "Bogota" territory...