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  1. R* has bigger fish to fry than skywalkers... i mean, look at my avatar? i took that while skywalking... there's nothing wrong with exploiting glitches already in game... it's the ones that modify the game that they have issues with...
    Kinda like how the car dup glitch or 50 million dollar money glitch isn't modding the game, but people are still getting banned for it?

  2. Gtagrl. I didn't know chill out, damn. And I haven't been on skyrim in around a month and I have a memory loss disorder where smaller details get lost, i dont even remember what i ate for lunch yesterday. so it's hard to recall names when I read it once. Also I'm using a old box tv and the words get fuzzy. I need to adjust the sharpness settings too, since I have it on my mind. And there are spoilers I mention the ending, when derp takes an derp to the derp, and you derp it's derp. If you can understand any of that I congratulate you. Because if I hadn't typed it, I wouldn't.

    derp is a person place or thing just saying.

    How's that?


    Get an item called mephorises razor, or something like that, it's a dagger type weapon, but it has a chance it instantly kill. In the mission where you read the scroll on the mountain, and aulduin attacked, I did dragonrend, and hit him 2 times, and he was dead. It has 20 or so damage but with 50+ one handed it adds to it without saying. I use that all the time. You need to do some quests for a guy in a smaller town. It has sunsets on the flags, near the bay. It's the farthest one down. You need to kill the holders of the parts of it. It was broken way back in the day. Then you find all the prices, go to the mephorises dungeon. Daedra are inside if you enter, they also guard it. 2 - 4 enemies. The guy will betray you. Kill him, and take the razor. Loot the daedra for the key. The loot inside respawns and it's good, some 300-600 gold, gold ore, other types of ores and bars, some fire weapons that burn the target, it's a nice weapon once you're 80 + one handed. This weapon has some history, so lock pick the case with the books in it at the guys house. They have some value. Ask him every question though, it's interesting about this side quest.

  4. I like the 360 version ok, but half the time it lags. So I clear my cache and it works smoothly....for about 2 hours. It froze again.... I install it. Ok it works for 35 minutes. Smooth as can be. Them it freezes. UNINSTALL. And now it's back to laggy shit, because laggy shit doesn't freeze 300 hours in. Also nice armor.

  5. So i was reading about some things the were cut out from the beta version, the Rhapsody was among them, and as you know that's back in the game now. There was apparently a Humvee type vehicle on the Warstock website, along with the hunter.


    Someone probably said this already and i'm probably a cock now, but hey i was before ;)

    But i was watching the Tv and there was a commercial with a Dukes in it, that would mean it's in the code right? I'm thinking DLC soon, A Cunning Stunt DLC would be cool, some new ramps in the Creator menu, maybe a loop or something too. Frick I'm tired...


    domislive actually said this, also there was something i noticed in the trailer, my have been mentioned, there is a part near the end, looks noticable, the black guy, in a tank top, running in an ally away from 3 officers, they look like tenpenny, pulaski, and hernandez. id say cj is comming back. view that part and tell me it doesnt atleast resemble them a little bit. either that or franklin or lamar (the real option c that replaced franklin) might be doing this. they really need lamar as a playable character.

  6. Your proper grammar arouses me. Welcome.

    Thank you Massacre.

    We teach them well Down Under. Welcome Benji.

    They find ways to make use of the textbooks. I have pages of Notes. Thank you Barrybran

    he seems awfully cheery for some reason... i like the signature tho...

    I am in a great mood today, I am always in a good mood. Thank you bOnEs.

    We teach them well Down Under. Welcome Benji.

    You certainly do, my English teacher was an Aussie.

    Welcome to the forums Benji.

    Yes they do. Thank you DozyGamer