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    back in the day, gta online wasnt so shitty. it was quality.
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    dem bitches be trippin to put a bullet in my head.


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    XBL 2. kevexpress16
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  1. To all xbox users, i am hosting a demolition derby, we had 3 today, 2 of them were a sucsess, the other turned into butthurts with tanks. if you legitly want to join post it down in the comments, if you just want to critcize me then just put it somewhere else. rules are in comments.

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    2. OG Trev

      OG Trev

      ginginho i delayed it because a tornado warning.

    3. Jizzy


      You should call one of our admins a dumbass cunt. That would be awesome. We wouldn't have to read any of your shit anymore.

    4. OG Trev

      OG Trev

      jizzy. the admins here wouldnt be dumbass cunts. if you were an admin here, that would be a different story. and jizzy, suck my peice you ginger haired souless freckled freak.

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