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    back in the day, gta online wasnt so shitty. it was quality.
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    dem bitches be trippin to put a bullet in my head.


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    XBL 2. kevexpress16
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  1. well, took me 20 minutes to get 100k in potshots, only to buy 100k worth of ammo. got 5 thousand bullets in all the heavy weapons. forgot to buy sticky bombs and some dick just puts one on the side of my car before i can shoot him.

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      ahem, $50K in 20 mins ;)... $150K in an hour...

    2. OG Trev

      OG Trev

      do you have something in your throat? and no, 100k. set to hard, using assault shotgun. overall mission time was 20 minutes. oveall time was 28 mins, 2 minutes overall driving to ammunation, 1 minute to snipe some asshole who was shooting at me, and 5 mins to take a shit. plus the 20 mision time, 2 minutes per mission roughly.