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  1. i just got my fattest paycheck to date today.

    1. gtagrl


      Time to celebrate! Happy ending.

    2. cuda


      I also got paid yesterday, time to make it RAIN.

    3. Graffitigirl


      Cuda we're goin out tonight

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  2. Last night I watched Mr. Nobody (2009). It's now one of my favorite movies. You need to pay attention to EVERYTHING as it is extremely confusing. Go watch it
  3. I saw a kid's RP level at 999, which I thought was the highest. But then I saw someone at 8,000

    1. TheLunaticFringe
    2. DiO


      meh nothing to do with no lives. there were plenty of fast leveling glitches out there

    3. OG Trev

      OG Trev

      did you know you can teleport without hacking.

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  4. 10 points for knowing about krs one at the age that you are at
  5. this is kuz. its been me the whole time. sorry guys
  6. i keep getting kicked from the chat. what's wrong with me?

    1. gtagrl


      Massacre's on a roll.

    2. Qdeathstar


      Chat warks four me

    3. gtagrl


      Those are two different issues btw, Graffitigirl. :P

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  7. he told me his real name is juan pablo from the Dominican where he lives with his 75 year old mother who is a goat farmer/poppy seed farmer/heroin distributor. so if he wants to be just Rob, let it be
  8. i don't have friends. jen just thinks she knows me. so don't tell her anything I've said here. you know.......about that thing.........with the bomb.........sshhhh
  9. jen, nice picture of us. massacre, you're going to freak her out. jen, don't be freaked out. massacre, i need your services in about 87 minutes from now
  10. do not trust massacre. he will kill a man for a free chicken sandwich. he may even kill a man for looking at him for more than 3 seconds
  11. Q try going 120 down the shoulder for a half hour. drunk too
  12. Graffitigirl


    Fallout new vegas is better Or has anyone played condemned? That's fucking creepy
  13. when I was 14 I lit a school on fire. it was the summertime so the building was empty. the entire neighborhood was covered in smoke and a chopper with a searchlight came out. lol nice gif, but your turn
  14. if you have to think about it then its probably not that crazy. don't lie or exaggerate. I just want to hear some good stories from all of you
  15. oh my god you guys make me laugh. i'm going to sleep now
  16. haha deathmatches are all I do though. unless you want to join a free roam and run everyone over on Hollywood blvd while they do their own thing
  17. that was sad. me and jen came in last in everything. that parachute mission....omg. hilarious nonetheless
  18. my favorite is nujabes - far fowls weev I was wondering the same because there were like 8 of us playing and I only remember you, kuz, and dio
  19. yay someone checked him out! I always picture Nujabes djing for everyone else up in heaven
  20. Rockstar - "wait for it...wait for it......its coming, wait for it..... nevermind"
  21. kuz i'm just going to call you poop for now on
  22. Jen and I are curious. Did you guys find my hair?
  23. so hungry...nothing to eat

    1. gtagrl


      Awww...well she's trying, anyway.

      *makes apple and cherry pies*

    2. TheLunaticFringe
    3. complixicata1


      Don't you have shops where you live?

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