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  1. Fuck K.K Downing for leaving Judas Priest, and fuck Jeff Loomis for leaving Nevermore. You long-haired girly men

  2. HUGE FUCKING NEWS EDIT!!!! for me, at least. Fucking hell! I just bought tickets for their show here a few weeks back. That's it for them, surely? No Loomis??? Anyone a big enough fan of "Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?" to uh, buy this? Peace Sells 25th Anniversary Deluxe 4 CD 1 DVD 3 LP set $111, apparently. I'll probably get it. And yes, this reissue is just increasing the volume of the original album, not another abomination like the 2004 remasters, thankfully. If only the same could be done for "Rust In Peace".
  3. ^.....hahaha Anyway, I voted for Johnny. Niko was a bitch, and Luis, although cool, didn't feel like a character that had much story left in him. And he was too much of a big fruit to me. As for the Islamic protagonist, how about R* kill two birds with one stone and make the main character an Islamic activist from the Xinjang province (correction: autonomous region) in China, who's on the run from Chinese authorities? With heavy Chinese accent, and strong faith, it couldn't possible fail. "I come to America to spread the word of Arrah, and now da authorities are arfter me ohohawhawhaw *sobs*"
  4. Waaaaaaaah? It's like fallout, but with swords! Why on earth wouldn't you want to play that? Personally, if there isn't at least one reference to rimming in this game, I'll be disappointed.
  5. As long as the main game is great, I don't care if I miss out on exclusive content. Still, it would be nice if both consoles got the DLC at the same time.
  6. ^yay! I have no regrets about getting F:NV when it was first released, despite some of the glitches. I was originally going to wait for the GOTY edition, but F:NV was a reasonable price for a new release here ($78, lol), so I threw caution to the wind and bought it straight away. Good times followed. Besides, waiting that long for fallout is a bit like waiting a year for a turn on the new town bike. It's a bit cheaper. a bit bigger, diseased, and covered in patches, and you just end up wishing you'd had a turn before everyone else did. Anyway, fallout is awesome etc.
  7. Got it. I'm $25 poorer, but I've got it. Tis awesome, although I'd only heard a few songs from them before, so I can't really compare it to their other albums. In awesome news, Jeff Hanneman is still out of Slayer, and Pat O'Brien will be filling in for him at some upcoming shows in the US. Now if Kerry King would just fall ill for a while...
  8. Yeah, "At The Edge Of Time" was enjoyable, but it could have been better. Why they only used the real orchestra on the first and last songs was a strange decision. Money restraints, maybe? Couldn't be time issues when they had 4 years to make the album. Hahaha, those are some interesting picks for your preference. If you haven't I highly recommend Burnt Offerings as I find it's there best. Something Wicked is a great one too. But yes, both Iced Earth and power metal as a whole are dead. Those still making it are jokes. I miss the 80's (not that I was alive) for when it was so powerful.. Maiden.. Helstar.. Pantera's glam/power days.. So many greats. What next? I don't even want to know. So, only 24 days until I see the Big 4's only U.S. date. I'm starting to get metal ants in my pants. Yeah, I didn't mind Burnt Offerings. Something Wicked had its moments also.
  9. lol, Schaffer's a knob. Iced Earth is turning into an Anthrax-style parody band. What next? Schaffer starting a "super" group with members of some shitty emo-pop band? Seriously though, i only kind of like 2 albums IE have released (Night Of The Stormrider, and Horror Show, if you're wondering), and even then, there's only so much galloping guitar riffs one can take. I said it a while back on the old forum, and i'll say it again. Power metal is going to shit lately. The bands that garner the most attention in the genre these days are peddlers of pomp (Avantasia especially), or are going through the motions releasing mediocre at best material (the last 2 Gamma Ray albums spring to mind. zzzz.... oh, and Iced Earth, naturally). No real innovations are being made, and considering power metal probably is the metal genre that can take on the most outside influences without offending metal purists, that's a bloody outrage, that is. Having said that, because of this issue, i've been turned off power metal of late. If someone would like to suggest some decent & recent power metal releases that might turn me on as such, i will gladly listen to them, with tissues in hand.
  10. While i was quite attached to the trannie-negro prince impersonator that i created in SR2, once i finished the game, i never gave it a second thought. The replay value was zilch. Actually, just like Dup, i was keen to get into Far Cry 2. I made the mistake of picking up SR2 at release. I won't do that again. If i see "The Turd" for $20, i might think about buying it, but only if i'm really desperate for something to play.
  11. If Jesus is Lord, why aren't they a better band?

    How's life molesting you, Sexy? Often, and secretly, i hope.

  12. Yup. Something about it seemed really sterile. And the game world was wasted. For example, the train/subway network was massive, and yet it was barely used in the story. San Andreas had a similar problem, but the world was much bigger, so that could be excused. Anyway, I gave my vote to Vice City, as i think it got the GTA formula just right. VCS would have been equally as good if it had been designed for the PS2 in the first place.
  13. I'm going to give the new Children Of Bodom album a listen. Once whilst sober, and then once whilst drunk. Wish me luck. Edit: What a pile of meh. The solos are still decent, but they've done this all before. They've just added more groove this time, so now they sound Lamb Of God-ish. Not good. It wasn't even as catchy as Blooddrunk, ffs. Not that i was expecting much. *goes back to Watchtower*
  14. ^lol Some possible influences that would be good: (Note: Links contain spoilers. But you wouldn't be reading unless you wanted to know the plot, anyway) No Country For Old Men - A 'modern' western set in the 80's. It would probably be a bit similar to RDR style-wise, though. Which is a good thing. Animal Kingdom - It's an Aussie film, so no one here would have seen it, but the plot would make a good basis for a GTA. Oh, and 'Big Momma's House'. Because the only thing funnier than a film about a black man dressed as a fat black lady is actually playing a game about a black man dressed as a fat black lady.
  15. lol, what a rip. For 'just' $999.99, i could buy a gun, coke, chainsaw, hawaiian shirt, and Michelle Pfeiffer's ageing arse for a hour of fun. Probably. The Aussie dollar's quite good at the moment.
  16. Edited for updatedness Hmm, i have quite a few favourites... Sagat (streetfighter series) HK-47 (Knights Of The Old Republic 1 & 2) Mordin (Mass Effect 2) Vincent (Final Fantasy 7 - not in any of the spinoffs/sequels etc, though) Niko (GTA IV) Rico 'Suavez' (Just Cause series) Boone (Fallout:New Vegas)
  17. Cool. What style of metal does the band play? In disaster-related metal news, Marty Friedman is auctioning off all the guitars he used during his time with Megadeth to help raise money for Japan's ghouls (or the more PC-termed "tsunami-spun, shaky-legged, geiger-botherers"). Considering Japan reportedly has enough money to cover the disaster, that's just plain stupid. Still, if the prices are reasonable enough, we could all chip in and buy a guitar. It'd probably be the one he used on "Risk", so we'd have to burn it immediatly.
  18. Sweet! btw, the latest Mortal Kombat got banned here. A shame for the 10 people who were anticipating it. Anyway, L.A Noire is looking quite interesting, although i hope they don't rush it and release a partially unfinished game.
  19. Anyone else miss "Frisky Dingo"? It always gave me a warm feeling inside

    1. TreeFitty


      for some reason I never got into that show. I love Archer and Sealab 2021 but FD never really caught on with me.

  20. I bought the orange box over a year ago for $20 (Dirt cheap for a 360 game in Australia). I still haven't taken it out of the case yet. Too many other games came out, and it's pretty much at the bottom of my "To Play" pile. Just above Lost Odysessy and below Ghostbusters.
  21. I have a sore throat. Must be a flu... or AIDS

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      Really? All these years i've been hearing the opposite. Has it all been lies?

    2. Massacre
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      that filthy liar... *grabs pitchfork*

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  22. Another forum, another metal topic. Bands i'm frequently listening to atm: Watchtower Enslaved Unleashed Anathema Macabre and some others. There is fuck-all happening in the world of metal. The most interesting "news" i've heard in a while is Steven Wilson will be producing the next Opeth album. Good news for fans of 'Blackwater Park', 'Damnation', and 'Deliverance', i guess.