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  1. Ok, here is information about Vault 76 from a Citadel terminal in Fallout 3.


    Vault 76 Information


    Vault Number...
    Starting Construction Date...
         February 2065
    Ending Construction Date...
         October 2069
    Total Number Of Occupants...
    Total Duration...
         240 months
    Computer Control System...
         Brainpower 4
    Primary Power Supply...
         LightLife Geo-Thermal
    Secondary Power Supply...
         General Atomics Nuclear Power
    Non Standard Equipment...

    Vault 76 Goal Summary

    Vault 76 is one of our seventeen control Vaults. It will operate exactly according to the plan dictated in the marketing material produced by Vault-Tec and precisely to resident expectations. This vault will open automatically after a period of 20 years and the residents will be pushed back into the open world for study in comparison to the other experiments.

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  2. Alright, this is the last straw.

    We've told you nicely not to post that 'petition' link anymore, but you keep right on doing it.

    If you post it again you're taking a week off, and if you come back after that week is up and post it again then you will be banned permanently.

    This is your final warning.

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  3. I say bullshit that this only applies to XBOX and PS3 players. What about PC players like myself, huh? Bt the time the PC version comes out, the one month window will be gone. Come on, Rockstar, be fair!

    This is in compensation for the rocky start of GTA Online on the consoles...to make for for all the times it didn't work or deleted everything they've done etc.

    The game hasn't even been announced for PC yet so it way too early to cry 'not fair!' Besides, it won't apply to anyone else in the future, regardless of platform. If you don't play GTA Online for the first time until after October is over...no money for you.

  4. Well, I give up for the day.

    I got it to load a session, created my character, and it made me start a race...but never actually loaded the race...seemed to freeze up completely. So I reset the system and tried again. Now it lets me run around but won't give me the thing to start the race. It just keeps telling me to start. *sigh*