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  1. Yah hidden handy cam....I'm just gonna wait for the actual vid or game. Like you could beat me up. lol
  2. If you rock the green one maybe change the colour of the star too so it doesn't look all hitler-esque? Looks sick though. Fuck you for doing amazing things I wanted to get good at.
  3. Those horse races kicked my ass. lol

    1. DiO


      just synhced my FB. I posted that shit days ago

    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      yea, i don't really like the facebook integration... it doesn't post my pictures i am always posting on facebook...

    3. DiO


      meh, i think its cool. better than no integration?

  4. Rugged DuPz0r w/ dramatic lighting! I just came a little First pic of me on the new forums. Uploaded with ImageShack.us