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  1. *begins drilling hole in island to place nuke in*

  2. How rude! Walks into the brand new forums and starts terrorizing members like she's the queen or something. o wait...
  3. I wanna see the Google and Yahoo spiders start flaming each other in R&R.

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      lure them in somehow with a spam topic so epic they both had to finally say something!!

  4. I only have singles... and there's only one proper way to give a girl singles.
  5. Better? and welcome to the new site all you people.
  6. @Duff of course not. duh!!! #n00bs

  7. Granted there could be some GTA5 ones among these, I'm saying "probably not" to all of them until better info surfaces. *changes vote*
  8. back to the lecture at hand... zomg san andreas reference!i!i!i!
  9. awww we had our first spambot... :wub:

    1. TreeFitty


      *calls Chris Hansen*

    2. Massacre


      *Puts on Chris Hanson mask and grabs Pedophiles' Guild invitation*

    3. ViceMan


      I always wondered what the PG classification on films stood for, now I know... it's the Pedophiles' Guild seal of approval. Means there's lots of scantily clad children in the film.

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  10. Interesting. Someone posted that there's actual websites listed under some of the IPs so I'm wondering if R*/T2 use a company to register the domains (just like the trademark stuff Marney posted somewhere) and if some of these domains found are actually for R* or not. Scrolling through the next few pages, they have been "crossing off" a lot of these since they are related to real things. :-/ Time will tell...
  11. peering in at a basement fire on Sunday a week ago: a car wreck a few days later. there was a van upside down off to the right:
  12. Psy has a coding fetish...

    1. Post-traumatic amnesia

      Post-traumatic amnesia

      Don't mention them. I could get arrested for being member here.

    2. Psy


      I love it when you PHP in my mouth!!!

    3. Massacre


      Sorry about the time I had that runtime error on your new bedsheets... And the virus I uploaded to you, I guess I should apologize for that one, too.

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  13. I think it's the reload button when you don't have a gun equipped.
  14. dat nigga QD is from Portsmouth

  15. Refresh was my next answer. now that you posted the site... need page titles the index.html link in your logo and "Home" button has a capital I which 404's for me. A lowercase i works. site looks good
  16. Most I ever knew was that browsers "just know" to look at index.html and/or .htm and display that as the homepage. Are you looking at the site as a "visitor"?
  17. It's always cool to see the progression of games during development and the artwork/logos too.
  18. You can change the notifications in your profile settings. The default is/was a notification AND a message gets sent to you.
  19. The problem with all the hints in IV is that they really don't mean shit in my opinion. To me they are just pointing back at the previous games since in the GTA realm the other cities are the rest of the world. GTA III had Carcer City as the "other place" and then the following games just pointed at each other instead of Rockstar making up new places.
  20. finally got the turkey trophy in GTA IV so that's all the single player ones. :)

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      i still haven't gotten the "do 5 barrel rolls in an accident" one... and a few online ones too...

    2. TreeFitty


      I pretty much said "fuck that" to most of the online ones. I'm not good enough for the competitive ones like winning all races. :P