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  1. Running out of ideas so new poll at is Which console are you getting L.A. Noire for?
  2. How about an American Idol parody TV show with Eddie as an initial contestant who doesn't make the cut. Then later one of the judges' bodies is found. gta v tv gta 5 tv grand theft auto 5 tv grand theft auto v tv shows episodes cartoons news
  3. Last minute change I guess.
  4. *votes GTA IV* III is my second pick.
  5. L.A. Noire Character: Candy Evans
  6. so if they change new twitter, is it new new twitter?

    1. Post-traumatic amnesia
    2. ViceMan


      More importantly, who gives a fuck?

    3. Post-traumatic amnesia

      Post-traumatic amnesia

      Only people who need Twitter: Suppressed people in dictator states.

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  7. Interesting thoughts. I think they could definitely tie in the TV to the gameplay a little more. gta v tv gta 5 tv grand theft auto 5 tv grand theft auto v tv shows episodes cartoons news
  8. Princess Robot Bubblegum, Republican Space Rangers... What TV shows or content do you want in GTA V either returning or new? I would like Rockstar to let some real-world production teams make TV shows for GTA5. The writers for Archer, the production team of South Park, and others would be cool to have in the game making episodes that are new yet with a familiar tone to them. Of course Rockstar would still have their own TV shows (Weazel News and some other returning shows) with their own humor but letting in outsiders would help give some variety in my opinion. gta v tv gta 5 tv grand theft auto 5 tv grand theft auto v tv shows episodes cartoons news So what do YOU want to watch on the GTA V TV?
  9. Or the ending cinematic of the game...
  10. can now say i pissed in the east river. and it felt sooooo gooood......

    1. TreeFitty


      my piss is probably the cleanest thing in there :P

    2. Pieface


      You are a fireman dear sir, you disgust me!

  11. iRedDead: Next #RedDeadRedemption TRIPLE XP session is in 9 hours for the Aussies! 6 AM Eastern Time US! 8 PM in Sydney!

    1. CaPn bOnEs
    2. TreeFitty


      wasn't meant for the US/Euros. was meant for the Aussies.

  12. Somewhere R* said no Dubai, but that doesn't really mean anything.
  13. Love, is a burning thing... and it makes, a fiery ring.

    1. ViceMan


      Yeah, i'm still feeling the effects TBH... I can't sit down.

    2. Post-traumatic amnesia
  14. And give you a choice if it's a store or house or whatever. What type of area it is affects how much money it makes you.
  15. since this day is winding down... for Psy and whoever else that cares, I capped this from the second video and did some magic: to everyone else (especially those crying fake on the news post): APRIL FOOLS BITCHES
  16. I think some opinions of the different "universes" are taken to extremes (no one here but some people on the netz are a little too distraught over it). Similar to the discussion about the GTA games referencing previous ones (III stuff was in IV), I think we can see some RDR and even L.A. Noire references in the next Grand Theft Auto game. There was even a Bully reference in IV. Just because two games are different universes doesn't mean Rockstar can't put in little things here and there from their other games. Not like anyone who's not a n00b would care. I agree it would be cool to see the RDR locations all grown up in a future game, GTA or otherwise.
  17. I can only imagine the mods people would make for Red Dead Redemption PC. I'm sure they would take full advantage of the animals and their AI.
  18. TreeFitty


    That's because Rockstar Spy knows what you want to know, before you even know you want to. once the news spreads it'll set in along with the sadness.
  19. well, back to Los Santos we go. So much for my Hawaii campaign... :-/

    1. TreeFitty


      ^should send them our leaked pic. :)

    2. Post-traumatic amnesia

      Post-traumatic amnesia

      Fitty it's because I voted on that poll a long time ago. Hawaii sucks.

    3. DuPz0r


      Yeah send in the pic!

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  20. TreeFitty


    aw what the fuck? All this hype for NOTHING. All theis fanboy "GO PLAYSTATION!" shit for NOTHING. *give marney -1 in anger*
  21. No, see, this is what I had in mind: gta v 5 grand theft auto 5 v los santos police screenshot leak beach gta v 5 grand theft auto 5 v los santos police screenshot leak beach
  22. The size tells me it was ripped from the official site backgrounds like when I posted the 3 after it launched. I know I've seen it before and pretty sure it's in the background rotation for Rockstar's site. edit: kept refreshing the L.A. Noire site. I get a blank background once in a while and the source code says it's supposed to be bkd5.jpg those links may or may not work. I typed in 4 and and got an error until I viewed it on the official site. Then it worked. They might have removed #5 to prevent us from getting it early (too late).