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  1. modified my Los Santos police one a little... I didn't put much time into it though.
  2. me too. the ladder truck in SA was a cock tease. hell, if they add in tractor trailers, they could put in a tiller truck and allow you to control the trailer. make for some epic fun in multiplayer.
  3. I want tractor trailers like in SA. I miss whipping around corners and taking out people on the outer sidewalk with the trailer. I was quite disappointed with IV over this.
  4. GTA IV had Episodes from Liberty City which was "exclusive" to the Xbox for a time. Red Dead Redemption got PS3 Exclusives (yet to be on Xbox as of this posting) and now L.A. Noire has PS3 Exclusives without any Xbox content in sight. Info on Max Payne 3 is scarce but it could possibly have PS3 exclusives too at this point. Rockstar had said they would be nicer to PS3 owners in 2010 but now it seems they are continuing into 2011. So this had me wondering: Will GTA V have exclusive PS3 content? Personally I doubt Rockstar would do it. With such a large fanbase for the GTA series, I think the backlash would be more than Rockstar is willing to risk in the long run. EFLC of course had backlash but they released it for everyone later to quell the fans. A permanent exclusive would probably kill a large part of Rockstar's fanbase. Likewise if they continue to give PS3 exclusives for other games, I wouldn't be surprised if the same result happens. What do you think?
  5. That's pre-order stuff. This is new news. GameTrailers post explains a little more "exclusive case called Consul's Car Traffic for PS3."
  6. You haven't seen the gameplay trailers? *double post* Rut roh... PlayStation 3 getting exclusive L.A. Noire bonus
  7. I've noticed quite a few people that have recently picked up the game (as far as [email protected] goes) so them plus the people who haven't played hardcore for the past year (me) need/want the extra XP to rank up. Plus I think they're trying to get back those that have moved on to other games. And all the n00bs eat up the "play with R*" gigs.
  8. ^fitting New L.A. Noire Artwork: What's in the Trunk?
  9. Next RDR TRIPLE XP session will be tomorrow from 4 to 6 PM Eastern.
  10. Rockstar Recommends: True Crime Detective Magazine
  11. *waves frantically* hey! hey! I remember you! Me me me!
  12. All the R* fansites are asleep at the wheel today...

    1. Asthenia


      GET UP, YOU'RE ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL! aaahhh Jimmy Pop, I love thee.

  14. Only downside is knowing where in IV the pics were taken from. News post will be up shortly...
  15. I'll just count this as a submission... I'll split these topics too. edit: done and done.
  16. Red Dead Redemption Pre-Order Bonuses Coming Out April 12th for $0.99 or 80 MS Points
  17. starting to get into vector graphics. '_'

    1. Psy


      Drawing them in Flash? Or is it Fireworks or something?

    2. TreeFitty


      nah just Inkscape. had it for about a month and I'm slowly using it more and more as I figure out how the hell to work it. :P

  18. What a new Vice City would look like for GTA V (tried something different with the V in the GTA logo): this was also from a video but the last 3 seconds was the only thing that looked good. gta v 5 grand theft auto 5 v vice city screenshot leak plane water beach
  19. New poll at Will we see Red Dead Redemption on PC this year?