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  1. So now we have craft breaching which works better than lantern breaching. Cool to know.
  2. I like how they removed the tables/cabinets but left the props sitting on top of them. Very strange looking. Maybe they changed the object names sometime after this was closed up so no one ever looked at it again.
  3. That's the same shack you dump the oil wagon at and grab it for the train robbery, right?
  4. They talk on the porch but you can see through the door while John talks to the son.
  5. From what I remember we never get interior shots but you can see through the doorway a few times. I figured there would be a room inside. Didn't think it would be that detailed.
  6. Obviously you were a little bored at the end. haha
  7. Two completely different songs.
  8. It's so far, so far a-way....
  9. Probably so. And/or they are saving it for RDO. Maybe a heist. Maybe.
  10. Interesting. Island seems a lot closer in your shots from guarma. I think they did push it out away from guarma compared to the leak map. It was much closer.
  11. One of the places I tried to get through and failed. I couldn't get through the gate to the ladder (from the mission) either. And I did the exact same thing with the hole.
  12. 01:20 - Cool, I wonder how far north the limits of Guarma water are? 05:24 - Oh shit!!!! I like how you died from impacting the boat, not actually hitting the water below. A part of me wonders if there is a way to survive the fall but I think they programmed RDR2 to insta-kill for any falls over a certain height.
  13. But Guarma isn't visible until you cross that line so it doesn't really matter. And none of the land/water close enough would be accessible just as it is now.
  14. I still think they messed up the map with Mexico and the river going north along the east side of the map. Should have had Mexico turn south and either ditched the river for a coastline or make the area of St Denis the river mouth out into the gulf and continue the US land across the river. Makes more sense especially with the terrain they chose for the east side of the river. Fits more with the US. edit: Something like this: