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  1. "So it's like how we dress like Weev on Weev night, but we will all mimic different people." So like when I dressed as tracksuit rob and everyone dressed like me. :lol: 


    I've been waiting for this theme to come around,mainly because it's a legitimate reason to drive the two classics...that should be a cool looking car lineup.

  2. That was me on the skee car ball bail attempt...I made it once before that but I forgot you could pick up multiple bags and only picked up one. :facepalm::lol:


    Those are some awesome ceremonial burning snaps,should definitely find use for them somehow,or like a hall of fame snaps or some shit...idk.

  3. Ok,this night was definitely worth fighting having to do anything else just so I could join. :P damn good turnout and for two weeks straight we've seen long lost members.


    Now that by next week I'll be 5 weeks out this is my final notice before I depart at least until RDR or if something else catches my attention but gta's off the table as I'll be fucked for time.


    Au Revoir! :salute:

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  4. Noice! I bet in that clip with the ruiners i'm the one with the parachute out cause everyone was always way below me on those big jumps.Also sorry not sorry bones for making you go over the edge but that was the funniest damn thing that's happened.:P


    I'll go through my clips today and have em up at some point.


    Edit: Put my clips into this post just so I'm not double posting.


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  5. I'm definitely saving my money if it looks anything like the III version,I forgot how bad it looked but I don't know if i'm in the minority on that.


    Will pick it up for if it's the VC version...just looks alot sleeker.

  6. I don't know,man.I checked all my shit and nothing looks locked up but there is a lock by my name,don't know if that has something to do with it...I'm getting worse with technology but what im putting on twitter is what im putting here on the forums anyways so it doesn't matter.:P


    That whole clip was almost 20 minutes long lol the rest of it was pretty much just me and gtagrl flying around the airport and city.:lol:

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  7. Yeah,the militarized vehicles sound interesting,wouldn't mind something along the lines of the armored boxville because at least to me it was second best with the ruiner 2000 being a close first.


    It will also be cool to see what our creators cook up with the addition of voltic rocket and ruiner to stunt races.