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  1. they did that with vice city i think i remember guarding phil collins in a mission
  2. id like to see variety in the music things like pirate radio stations underground stuff dnb,jungle,hardcore,grime,dubstep, etc etc
  3. four stroke scrammys were shite in gta 4 been a motocrosser id love to see the two stroke sanchez back and no modding vehicle's would be a huge disappointment also i hope they dont leave out cross country rallying-endurance
  4. i want to punch the twat that made the video above my comment
  5. if on the 24th we get no info il swallow my words as my theory could be completely wrong, i think theres just to many hints that point to that date (as other people have pointed out) but mp3 has been delayed that weren't planned so we will have to keep dreaming till rockstar give any details i just hope they bring back the original gta feel to the game with a ruthless character id like to see packie return please not niko tho unless its killing him
  6. didnt meen 24th of may release date i ment maybe we get the release date for the game if you get what im saying
  7. maybe even have missions where you have to use mobs,gangs,back up it would be nice if its november as it gives rockstar time to add the icing to the cake (or pinch are ideas lol) another thought of mine is in the trailer alot of hints point to the 24th of may specially the house for sale clip i could be completely wrong on this or it might of been mentioned before but could that be hinting "you will find out on the 24th when its on sale"
  8. if the next gta v update is just more on the story of the game il be happy with that cause theres so many theories that need putting aside from truth also (slightly off subject) ubisoft have changed the release date of assassins creed 3 from the usual november to october wonder why they have done that hey seems very suspicious a game as big as ac3 to be brought forward could this be a hint that they dont want to go head to head with gta v (it wouldn't be a wise move)
  9. to be honest i hope rockstar bring back the gangster theme ive just played S.A again on the mighty ps2 (its still going lol) and what a game(vice city next as i patiently wait), i hope they bring the random stuff back like driver's attacking with spades,golf clubs if there cars are hit etc etc . gta 4 graphically was amazing but a boring and dry game with not much to do plus niko was everyone's bitch for alot of the game id like to be the godfather,boss in the next installment but in a gta way of course
  10. my first post on here been following this site for a while now but what you lot think about mob hire in gta v?
  11. id like to see the fighting just like the warriors but a bit more enhanced same with the guns
  12. the game in my ps3 but that aint happening anytime soon lol so 2nd trailer with a bit of info on release date
  13. i hope the blista compact is in V and i also would like to see car mods return