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  1. Can we call you Sly-Psy from now? lol j\k Are you done changing the ranks now, and how many points each rank requires? When I learn that one rank title requires x points, I don't want it to change several times. For example, the -1 point rank have been titled all of the following: "Neutral", "On The Slide" and "Sub-Zero". Edit, I guess the number of dots () below the user title is dependent on postcount only. And I guess the user titles is also dependent on postcount only. Number of "Likes" and reputation has nothing to do with it?
  2. I too have a reputation leak, so yeah it seems like it wears off. No, of course it doesn't wear off, nothing wears off. If it did, post count would also wear off over time. (If one of your counted posts was deleted it would decrease your postcount, but any rep to that post would not be lost.) You have twice as much rep as number two, and five times more than most of us... I don't see your problem.
  3. I went there to vote for you, but it told me to log in or sign up. I don't want more accounts on the internet... I hope you win though!
  4. 4 x cheers! (I sometimes drive a forklift and decapitating is my speciality.) ^ Who thought these two posts are bad, and why? WTF are you talking about man. Did you expect a hand written announcement in the post? It was announced in the news: PRESENTING IGTA5.COM, and it was also announced in the Important Information forum on the old board:
  5. Who is the cunt who vote down all my posts in this thread? Step forward and tell me what's wrong with my posts. I wonder the same.
  6. Psy's girlfriend..? He's got two girls here then, Nix and Crimson. Nec, I remember the name. Wasn't she a moderator? You seem to know a few backdoor tricks. Why can that be, hmmm....
  7. lol, we are not used to have female members, so I automatically think of everyone as male. And I'm right almost 99% of the time... I think many guys could have "butterfly" in their username, it's not masculine but not very feminine either. You don't need to fear a visit from me anyway, I was heading for Vice.
  8. Crimson I thought you are a male... But if that is you you should be really happy with how you look. Very very pretty. Are your parents out of the house? *Coming over*
  9. You Casanova you, always trying to chat the women up on here aren't you. No lol. It's just code of chivalry. Of course, it's the easiest way to come close to Psy.
  10. Good rabbit. Give him live wires, it is birth control for rabbits. France?!
  11. Welcome to all new members. 4 x cheers! (I sometimes drive a forklift and decapitating is my speciality.)
  12. Nice photo. I like the scenery. Are those animals eating sand and stone? lol. Pretty eyes! I see your buddy is agreeing with me and about to give you a seal of approval on your cheek haha. LOL! The way you just "randomly" happened to remember that link is so funny. I think we've not had cuter spam here before.
  13. Nice setup that. But look at that wire mess, lol. What's the box under the PS3?
  14. Dup your site looks awesome! I love the layout and the artwork is amazing. But some of the pictures didn't work when I clicked the thumbnails, maybe they are not uploaded yet. I think you have a future at this. Damn good.
  15. Aruba in Caribbean? Yes that one. What are you going to do there for a year? Lucky you!
  16. Aruba in Caribbean? Canadian? What happened, did you get disowned by England and deported?
  17. I thought the Orange Box was a collection of HL games and nothing else. Now I know better.
  18. What are title buttons? Those. That is member group buttons. OK - got it.
  19. Okay. There is a "Start new topic" button inside every topic. I doubt that is intended but I don't know. Seems a bit out of place, but maybe someone has special needs.
  20. Is Portal the add-on that came after Episode 2? (We only discuss the Half Life series here, right?)
  21. Thanks for reminding me, I had forgot that. But I did tweak the settings when I was validated, and I only get "Inline Notification". And I also had two other notification issues, I don't know if anyone can answer on them.
  22. Welcome! I like Toyota cars, and Asian chicks too.