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  1. Because there is nobody in, "Chat" and I can't start my own topic to ask a question nor can I create a thread for what I have to ask, I will post my question here and there.

    Question: Can you do heists whenever you please or do you have to follow the story and do heists gradually as the story goes on. If you can do them gradually please explain how to thank you.

  2. My list of negatives:

    1. A grandma car can climb a 90° angled mountain just as an off-road truck can.

    2. Cars stop a little bit to fast and turn just a tad bit sharp in my opinion.

    3. There are not enough car customizing options.

    4. After about 10 hours of game play time in GTA5 I want to say that there aren't enough things to spend money on but I am not 100% sure yet. (anything else I can spend money on besides cars, garages or investing in stuff)?


    1. Can forcing your car up a steep mountain affect the engine performance.

    2. Can crashing affect your car's engine performance?

  3. My list of positives:

    1. Tires falling off of cars.

    2. Family members interacting with the house when you walk in.

    3. If you have a nice car people will shout out random comments as you are driving.

    4. People try to mug you and lure you into traps.

    5. You aren't the only one in the town of Los Santos that doesn't abide the rules.

    6. I saw people in the desert recording each other riding 4-wheelers.

    7. People will ram you with their car if you aggravate them.

    8. Your player's mouthe actually moves while talking in a car during missions and such.

    9. Conversations don't come to an instant stop when you get to a way point, they carry on until a good stopping point.

    10. There are cops on the side of the highway patrolling.

    11. You can lift stuff up with the forklift and bulldozer.

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  4. Yeah, but your'e wrong. You were complaining about the driving before you drove.

    It's not that fun because driving is about 70% of the game, and if that's ruined then the game is missing a lot. Another thing that is disappointing for an example is how you can upgrade your car to get better brakes and shit. Why would I want to spend money on "better" brakes. All that would do would allow me to stop even more unrealistically quicker which in return, instead of spending money on your car, you are spending money for further disappointment. And by the way, driving off a 500 ft mountain and not getting a scratch is not realistic.

  5. Pretty sure I told you to fuck off after your last spamming spree. I have no idea why you're still around. On topic, I have no idea what cars you've driven if low acceleration and zero grip on the road seems realistic to you. Maybe you're a shit driver? I've never had any issues like that in a real car.

    Maybe you just think a little harder then, not to complicated as to why I am still around. Okay fine I'll give you a hint. Do you think I am going to listen to somebody who rages at people all day for no reason? :bird:

    You're an idiot.
    Vice versa.
    If you don't like the driving physics, go nicely ask your mommy to take you back to Toys R' Us and FUCKING RETURN IT.

    I am 18 and bought the game at GameStop. But uh, nice guess. And the driving isn't to bad, the only part when it's bad is when you are driving a sports car.

    You're an idiot.
    Vice versa.

    Ha, well it looks like your not getting the hint...Okay fine here's a hint, do you think I would listen to someone who rages at every fucking single post on this website? Do you think I would listen to someone that bashes on people just because they don't believe in what you believe in?

  6. As I was off-roading with my jeep (canis) I noticed that it got progressively harder to clime mountains. Once I got to the top I went flying down and was able to stop quite a bit but still somehow managed to hit my front left end on the street fence. But as I was driving back to my house my jeep would start up.....then go......then start up....then go (the engine would shut off for about 3 seconds then start up again over and over), which made it difficult to get home. What was that? Was that an engine issue? If so that is fucking awesome. AND I got out of my Jeep to go pick up a dead cops gun, then once I got back in it was all better.

  7. This is what the driving is like,

    No I am not kidding, I have seen the gameplay.

    Oh, you seen the gameplay? Well golly-gee how wonderful for you.

    Nobody cares.

    Nobody cares what you think about the driving. Nobody cares that you've watched leaked videos. Nobody cares about anything you've had to say for days now (if even before then).

    I've had it up to here with your bitching and moaning about something you've decided you don't like about a game you haven't even played yet.

    Knock it off, this is your final warning on this matter.

    He wanted to know what the driving was like, so I found a video that would best represent the physics in my eyes. I just wanted to let you know that I am not bitching and moaning in fact I was going to add that only the high end sports cars, and race cars handle like this from what I can see. The jeeps, trucks etc. don't. I am not mad anymore, I am just trying my best to give an accurate representation.

  8. No I am just extremely upset. I absolutely hate saints row and I am certainly not a no lifer internet troll. I have been waiting for Grand Theft Auto 5 for six years. It is or WAS the only free roam game that I would be willing to play due to realism. I was hoping for a good quality game. And I wanted one thing, good physics. But no, Rockstar downgraded to Mario Cart physics so that it's nothing like GTA4's physics. Now the game is worthless.