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  1. HEY! I MADE THAT! And as I said on the old, crusty, AIDS-riddled forum i've already put up two pictures of me, that's quite enough.
  2. As i've always said; GTA III for being the game that made it what it is, and also for the gritty, contemporary atmosphere, VC for the setting and SA for the gameplay. I have a lot of love for the original Grand Theft Auto though. So my final choice is GTA Vice City, as my username would suggest.
  3. Positive rep for all!! (Except Marney.)

  4. 5 STARS FOR ALL! (Except Marney.)

  5. Eh that's ok, I don't really give a shit about my rep anyway, i'm not one for popularity contests.

  6. Anaal Nathrakh, Bathory, Vader, Marduk, Cannibal Corpse, etc. *leaves*
  7. I gave everybody 5 stars, except Marney obviously.

  8. I'm one of Massacre's subjects that overthrew the prototype crab-bots holding me hostage and escaped from the Warlord Industries HQ, the ironic thing is he rehired me as an independent product tester after hearing of my escape and i'm now getting slightly higher wages. I was also an OETWMIIAC inspector very briefly.
  9. After the release of L.A. Noire, but before the end of the year; that gives us a 7 and a half month window... Yes yes if I say things with certainty then they will definitely happen, trust me, i'm an analyst.
  10. And of course 5 stars for you Massyboi.

  11. 5 stars for you...

  12. Bugger off, I replied first. I donated first, plus my reply was longer to type.
  13. I don't normally do this, but since you're a wimminz an' all i'll say what the hell. As long as when the village becomes a booming commercial metropolis they'll build a 50ft statue in my honour and perhaps give me a place to stay on the city outskirts, preferably with a swimming pool and a home cinema.
  14. Added you as a friend, but there's no option to add you as a fuck buddy. Or even a mobile self-lubricating penis storage tube. Which is bullshit. :(