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  1. You Casanova you, always trying to chat the women up on here aren't you. Is that a classic Scouse 'stache I see there?
  2. Here's mine. It's pretty self explanatory.
  3. ViceMan

    Race 'N' Chase

    I think mine just got left around until they got all tatty and torn, then probably thrown away.
  4. Plus there's really not that much of them there to hit in the first place. Oh and Massy don't deny your benevolent side, i've seen you taking clothes and food down to the homeless shelter you big softie.
  5. ViceMan

    Race 'N' Chase

    213?! RIP Nate Dogg. [/bandwagonish proud americanry]
  6. War is my destiny.

  7. ViceMan

    Race 'N' Chase

    I definitely remember the picture on that first one.
  8. Yeah at first I read that as kidsfistclub... o.O
  9. Like you could beat me up. lol Ok, i'll wait till you're drunk and unconscious on the floor and just take it.
  10. Nobody voted for IV. It did lack a certain charm the previous generation of games had i'll admit.
  11. ViceMan

    Race 'N' Chase

    Exactly, people just wait for some poor fool to buy it and upload the scans.
  12. Round about exactly 100. I'm willing to accept that if R* won't tell me something, I don't need to know it yet. No reason to dig anything up. True, but mindless speculation is often fun, it whiles away the wee hours.
  13. Could be red herrings to throw us off the scent. But interesting nevertheless to see the discussion on that forum, their members are obviously a lot more devoted to digging up shite than we are. We are too preoccupied spamming the asylum.
  14. Is reminded of the pedestrian quote in GTA III. "We're goin' to Aruba!"
  15. ViceMan

    Race 'N' Chase

    I remember reading about the original Grand Theft Auto in a magazine and then being really excited about it waiting for the next issue that had a demo of it on the free disc. Those were the days, who still buys game magazines anyway, the internet has killed the art of the printed word on paper.
  16. Oh how I hate the stupid fucking cunts of neighbours who insist on having their back door open with their shitty club music blaring. Think i'll remedy that by blaring some Anaal Nathrakh out my window in return.

  17. *awaits imminent backlog of D-O's pictures*
  18. What are title buttons? Those. That is member group buttons. OK - got it. Meh, whatever. Duff knew what I meant.
  19. I think the first two would have worked since they're in the same font, the others just look wrong now.
  20. I don't know if it's meant to be 10... 20mbps but i'm lucky if I get 100kbps while downloading. 'tis shite.
  21. Whoa, those old title buttons take me back. They're the old ones.