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  1. I'm about to watch Bill Bailey's part troll show.

    My favourite piece of stand-up from a British comedian.

    Highly enjoyable. Recommended.

    He sings too!

    Bewilderness was the first show of Bill's that I saw although my favourite is Cosmic Jam. I've also seen him live when he was trying out new material before his Tinselworm tour. Very funny bloke!

  2. The last book I read was Terminal World by Alistair Reynolds. It was the first Reynolds book I've read and I quite enjoyed it. Next I will probably get Surface Detail by the late Iain.M.Banks(R.I.P). I love his Culture novels. Also considering The Long Earth by Stephen Baxter/Terry Pratchett as I am a fan of Baxters works. Has anyone read it? Would you recommend it?

  3. Just had a look through this thread and a few titles I think are classics but are not mentioned are: Wonderboy 1&2, Repton 2, Lemmings, Operation Wolf(the first arcade title to use force feedback on the control input, I think), Gauntlet(4 player action in the arcades, Outrun(the game wasn't great but the cabinet moved around as you turned the steering wheel, which was awesome for a 9yr old), and I'm sure there are a few more I could mention but aren't coming to mind at the moment!