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  1. I got the impression that once a firearm is picked up, it can't be lost through any means, even if you want to.

    i think its like the weapon system of RDR

    I only liked their Olaf series. The GTAV show is stupid sonce they dont know what theyre talking about. Also I think there will be an impound like in every major county and city. Same with the new LS Repair shop for modding cars. One question I still ask myself is where we would mod weapons. Ammunation or maybe a seperate store.

    its at ammu-nation

    Thats not confirmed so stop saying it is. Maybe only some customization is at Ammu-nation and theres a special guy you go to for rest.

    I think that the impounding of cars (and the fact that we can purchase them now) will give most of us a much better sense of worth for our good cars in the game. I mean, we won't be quite as likely to bail out of our cars when approaching oncoming traffic, or a ledge that drops into water. I just hope that if I steal a really good car, I can have it impounded, but not every car that I steal since that would just be a clusterfuck of shit cars.

    i imagine it will only impound cars that you have bought or have saved in a garage, at least i hope that's how they do it, otherwise yes it would be a huge clusterfuck.

    What if Pedestrians could report their car being stolen, and thus have the cops looking out for the car , even if nobody saw u took it. Just imagine walking into the impound to retrieve a stolen sabre and the guy you stole it from is sitting in there with the police.... AWKWARD

    :bird: :bird: "Confirmed car impound (if your car disappears you can pay a fee to get it back)"

    Nigga what the fuck. Every car i get in to gets destroyed every 2 minutes, i shouldn't have to pay a large "fee" just to get my shit back. It's a game, R* is taking the realism way too seriously. Also Fuck cvg, just because you seen 30 minutes of gameplay doesn't mean you know shit about the game, they want fans to ask them questions even though they mostly respond to them with "we don't know". They are regular nobodies.

    - Well somebody certainly has sand in their vagina...

    Anyway, I'm curious about the "not losing your weapon" thing - What happens when you find a better weapon and you want, then? where does the previous weapon go once you've picked up the new one? Does it stay in your inventory or go into some kind of Weapon Cashe at your Home? if you have a weapon cache that you can pick from a range of your weapons that you collected and possibly customized, why couldn't they have a system like that with Vehicles? like the Garage system in Saints Row..

    That would be the RDR weapon system , which its already confirmed has been brought back.