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  1. i actually searched for billy talent on youtube, because it sounded like a cool name. they sound horrible. that vocalist is a tranny. why would they put a band like that on line up that is supposed to please people what worship satan and eat first born entrails? please go and film them being bottled by long haired men.
  2. dats what u get for listening to a band called MORBID ANGEL. hahaha. proud americansssss.
  3. RIP BIN say hi to biggie from me.
  4. hey postman, i hope you worship Allah, everyone is into Allah here. have fun.
  5. lol shit, it's like going back to the old 2004 graphics board.
  6. hey, it's my good friend John Munro, how are you?
  7. what's wrong with pies head man, it's like upside down egg shaped. also, welcome new members, you will enjoy these fantastic forums... or else.