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  1. Wreck it Ralph: very well though out film, even though its Diane Pixar, its a very clever film, with lots of old arcade games featured, and just a nice bit of fun. 7/10.

    Cars 2: Yes, another Disney Pixar, but one I've not yet seem and this hugely appeals to the inner car nerd in me, thoroughly enjoyable. 8/10.

    Hunger Games CF: Second part of the 4 part series, far better than the first in my opinion, I've not read the books, so can't comment on the differences between the two, but, in my eyes, better than the first. 9/10.

    The Counsellor: Terribly confusing, difficult story line to follow, but impressive cast list. Overall a dissapointment. 4/10

    Happy Endings: another one that threw me, confused me, its Zooey Deschanel and Will Ferrell, so you would instantly assume it to be a comedy, but its not, its a good film, but it threw me. 7/10.

    Many more, but thats enough from me.

  2. Thor 2 - dark world. Very good film, as expected lots of far fetched action sequences, and mild destruction of London, typical marvel humour throughout too which is why I love these films. 8/10

    The prisoners - Hugh Jackman and The black guy from Iron Man 1 have their daughters kidnapped and this film is all about finding them, as expected, and tying up all the loose ends, some spectacular plot twists and turns, superb acting too. Not usually my sort of film, but very enjoyable. 8/10

    Now You See Me - Mark Ruffalo, magic, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and a very interesting plot. Thoroughly enjoyable. 9/10

  3. remember that mission early on in the game, it's from the trailers, where you're chasing that boat on the highway with jimmy hanging off it?? well, during that mission you take amanda's car to LS customs... anything you do to that car stays for the rest of the game... i changed the paint job and it was still there, even after the game ended and i saw it parked in the driveway again...

    there's not a lot unlocked at the time, but it's just a random thing i ran into... if there's any sort of upgrade to make at that time, it wouldn't hurt to buy it since that car can be used a lot... i've driven it quite a few times just because it's there... the different paint job was cool though...

    also happens with Tracey's Weeny too, anything you do, stays that way.