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  1. go see, "HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN"...

  2. We're having a wedding, you're paying. You're not invited. Now run along and organise a street party in our honour. There's a good peasant.

  3. Is all sorted for her holiday with @Psyware! Just a few bits and bobs to get :)

  4. Im about to go get drunk...

  5. Portal 2 is better than the first in every way! The script is genius!

  6. Im about to go get drunk...

  7. Back from the gym...they always have the best showers.

  8. Sometimes I like to pretend I'm a cat. I do this by going to the park and shitting in the sandbox, then rubbing my face on some chick's legs. They never pet me though...

  9. My Fantasy Football team is doing rubbish this year...

  10. New South Park next week. Totally stoked.

  11. New South Park next week. Totally stoked.

  12. I am the Long Island serial killer.

  13. I was in LA with @RockstarGames over the weekend for a hands on preview of LA Noire. Write up coming tomorrow on @iGrandTheftAuto

  14. What's that shit about an dead alien in Russia?

  15. Just done a 2 hour cardio work out in the garden! Exhausted now!

  16. I am the Long Island serial killer.

  17. So yeah. I'm back from LA... Played LA Noire for 3 days and hung out with R* getting drunk every night... Did I miss anything here? :D

  18. Set myself on fire this morning. I'm okay, but I don't think there's enough left of this leather thong to sew back together...

  19. No new notifications for me! :angry:

  20. “HOMEFRONT” redeemed itself a little bit after i got past the first couple of hours... the combat was still very generic and plain, but the story and locale started to shine through near the end... but so far it’s the worst game i’ve played during my “FPS-A-THON”... the next games on the list are “RESISTANCE 1 & 2”... thankfully i can take my time with these, i borrowed them from a friend, lol...