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  1. the first avengers infinity war trailer... is it just me, or is anyone else bored of the avengers??



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    2. Bronson


      What do you mean by style? Every movie and director have a “style”. 


      Im not disagreeing with you btw. I love Tarantino too but he’s a big budget blockbuster director. He wants a 96 million dollar budget for his next movie... Deadpool’s budget was half of that.

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    3. DiO


      I dont give a shit about budgets or what is or isn't a blockbuster. I'm just saying most super hero movies are starting to feel all the same and they're pumping so many out. Deadpool is the exception. Looking forward to that one. 

    4. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      if you haven't seen the newest deadpool trailer, WATCH THIS!! seriously, dio's right, deadpool is the only superhero flick breaking the mold right now... the rest all feel like that same ol' formula... plus, ryan reynolds is killing the PR scene, he's by far the best casted superhero... i used to say it was RDJ as ironman, but holy shit, it's not even close anymore...



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