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  1. there will be no mod support for fallout 4 on PS4, sony has officially denied bethesda the kind of support they need... fuck you, sony... fuck you..

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    2. Darth Sexy

      Darth Sexy

      I find it odd that Sony would work with Bethesda for so long (to the point Bethesda was advertising it) and then suddenly pull the plug. Anyway, I'm pretty sure the script extender isn't available for consoles and (based on NV mods) many of the best mods need it.

    3. TheLunaticFringe


      I don't wanna have to jump to the Xbox dark side after meeting all you folks on here.I been there,done that and I'm pretty satisfied despite the choices they've made,you can call it greed but in reality that's business.

    4. Synch


      Sony let me down while I was a PC Gamer, exploring the console options. I loved the PS1 and PS2, they were absolutely excellent. Then the PS3 came out and I went thru a total of 3 orders with them, none of them came thru as what I ordered, which was max HD and backwards compatibility with PS2 titles such as GTAlll, VC, LC, and SA. That and, no disk tray, just a slot. I couldn't believe that 3 TIMES my order was delivered wrong as the standard model. It sucked. I tested and XBox 360, and it wasn't so bad. I just had to get used to the controller. Enter GTAIV and I could drive the XBox 360 easily. Kept playing on PC, but my console switched to XBox 360. Sorry Sony. Too many balls, dropped too many times.