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  1. It was never a matter of if I won't get the game or if I think the game will be good or bad. I'm convinced either way the game will be fantastic. Reading reviews or seeing their scores simply comes from curiosity. They're not going to change my opinion or my perception of the game in any way.


    a. this game's gonna get phenomenal reviews, so all this talk about "who cares if it gets negative reviews" is kinda a moot point.

    b. like i said earlier, i'm just curious to see how good a score V is gonna get. i really wanna see if anyone gives it a post-perfect score, cuz it's one thing for a fan to say "20/10, greatest game everrrrr," but it's kinda cool seeing a legitimate publication being so taken aback by a game that it breaks its own scoring standards.

    c. i don't base my like/dislike of games or really anything on critics' judgment. personally, i'd rank the main gta games: s.a., v.c., iv, iii, even though i'm sure that order doesn't reflect their hierarchy in terms of critical scores (ex: iv got perfect scores from a lot of sites and i liked it less than even vice city stories).

  2. i hear what everyone's saying about the possible negative reviews deterring people from playing this game (not that i think there will be any anyway). i realize that wouldn't happen. the reviews are gonna be great and you'd have to be an idiot to be influenced by anyone (reviewer or otherwise) to not play this game. but, i just kinda like seeing things i'm a fan of get officially deemed godly by "authorities" on the matter (pitchfork for music, rotten tomatoes for movies, tv.com for tv shows, etc.). and, yes, it has been 5 years and they're expecting 5 years of progress but for shit's sake this game is gonna be off the charts good and i'd like to see some score literally reflect that (>10.0). fingers crossed that'll happen...

  3. soooo i was just wondering when to expect reviews for gta v to surface? i saw that the most recent saints row got reviews by a lot of the main publications from 8-14-8/16 and the game was released on the 20th. so do you guys think gta v will follow this trend and we'll get reviews around the 12th?

    also, i'm interested to see how these publications are gonna possibly score this game. i feel like the unbelievable improvements it's made over iv have to warrant v getting a better score than that. but, as that game got perfect-near perfect scores from basically everyone, do you think some places will pull an french uncharted 2 review and go above 10?

  4. I still wish we got a screenshot or a small clip in a trailer confirming the snow. That one postcard makes me hopeful, but still has me skeptical. The maps look great, but i know they're based of the screens and trailers and such. Since we haven't really seen the snow, Is there any part of the map we really haven't seen in some way, that could be where it snows? Since i doubt its just going to start snowing in downtown LS or in the desert.

    i was having the same exact thought earlier.

  5. soo i'm thinking this might just be shrubbery, but it's worth a look. remember during IV when this pic revealed a map in a police vehicle?

    well, i noticed in this screenshot, if you look into the front winsheild and next to the cop hangning out of the suv, there appears to be either a bush in the background... or a map? doubtful it's a map, but, again, the IV map was revealed via police vehicle, so you never know. thoughts? http://www.igta5.com...d-a-red-car.jpg