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  1. What's wrong Bronson, sister turned you down?

  2. I am watching A river runs through it..

    1. jobo


      Brad pitt kind of looks like Dicaprio in that movie.

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  3. Nice to meet you. Bumblebee tuna. Bumblebee tuna. Excuse me...your balls are showing....... Bumblebee tuna.

  4. Last day to decide on a guitar, any recommendations for an acoustic and/or semi hollow body?

    1. jobo


      Jimi is god of geetar

      Joe Walsh is number 2

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  5. Gunny, other xboxers, wanna get friendly with gta 4?

  6. Well, it's my birthday.

    1. jobo


      Truck yea. Really though you need to go HAM

      Buy a squat rack

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  7. I showed my fiance a picture of Trevor and she said "I think he is from your state." -_-

    1. jobo


      That one pic of you wearing the bama hoodie. You look like trevor in it.

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  8. The cvg guys suck. Just watched a new video they did breaking down Franklins trailer, and they actually said "Maybe we will meet CJ down the road in this game and see how much he has changed" ... For people that want subscribers, you would think they should know that this is a different era and the older characters are gone forever... cvg sucks.

  9. knicks are going HAM

  10. Saw an Audi A6 in a parking lot today. Considered leaning on the hood and staring down for a photo op.

  11. Who else uses Gun Club 2 (smartphone app) to play russian roulette?

  12. Who else uses Gun Club 2 (smartphone app) to play russian roulette?

  13. What happened to McGarry?

  14. FINALLY home from work (11 hour day), i think i'll read some articles tonight... i saw all the photos, and some of the new features... what a day to have shit hit the fan at work :(...

  15. I've got the day off work. Looks like i'll be reading the previews all evening! :D

  16. Am I the only pervert to notice Tracy's boobs jiggling?

  17. rockstar is really pissing me off! They never show info!

  18. mannn I hope jimi hendrix is

  19. hey massacre did you hear about the word?

    1. jobo


      Daymmm wwhy all u niggas all over massacres dick...

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  20. microsoft's next gen announcement is on may 21st...

    1. jobo


      I am only switching if it has always on Internet. Also if they don't make some more exclusives. And price. .

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  21. if you guys are ever board and want some thing to wach then go to the gta place and wach, they mention igta5 in the credits.

  22. Smiffy, you QD. I'm not a honky, I just got re-vitiligo.