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  1. Yeah and i am happy that you finaly notice that police and tactical intervention team hanging side of police cars looks weird ? Do you ?

    It is scaring me i don't want to see those guys trying to jump on my car, i think it is unrealistic. Never heard or seen that. Rockstar try to add a cool feature like shooting while driving already possible but no one used it because it was a bit hard and not really necessary, but now i think you would reconsider it if some cops try to fly on your car.

    So you gonna shoot them before they do that, but still think it is a stupid idea from rockstar.

    exactly unless someone can Tell me otherwise I don't think police are using this kind of procedure in any part of the world, also FlOppy I really hope that your wrong about the whole jumping on your car thing that would suck, I was hoping the most that they would was shoot at u with one hand while hanging with the other

  2. sound packs came out for San Andreas (and probably 4 too) to make them more realistic. Honestly it's not the kind of mod that gets me going (some of the particle effects in San Andreas had me busting nuts) but I know some people like that kind of thing.

    If Rockstar don't make the game specifically to your liking. You can always mod it ;)

    I. Hope they incorporate better sounds for the muscle cars in gta5 because in 4 they sounded like low pitched tuners every other sound was great though

  3. Well I see these "moronic" people drive their cars right past cops and not a shit is given so maybe It's just an Ohio thing. Plus Rockstar won't give a fuck about realism in terms of laws. The realism thing might not matter to them but then again in Midnight Club LA blackened lights weren't an option so I'd imagine they'd just take the customization elements from that game and modify them to the specifications of gta5 cars with a few updates but we'll just have to find put I guess