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  1. I think you are confusing GTA for our normal lives. I never actually pay for a hooker in GTA, I always get my money back. Yea amen to dat!!
  2. When i got my first ps3 i was 10 knew not how to register so like any 10 year old contacted my mother and since she wasent too happy she wanted too roll trough it as fast as possible so when the question came to insert my id she just put my name followed by my age i thought many times to make a new acount but i allready had too much progress in games to start over so now i use juliancintron10 for everythingh requiring an username so there. I like bears too especially agressive koalas.so cute
  3. Definetly going straight for grove street and see if the ballas still exist.i will play some missions.just to get a handle for the game.
  4. Hey im julian.i like koalas and gta sa.im from puerto rico but have lived in florida for 4 years and now just recently moved back to pr.so yea.......gta huh?