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  1. Well in the western you got OKC,SAS,GSW,den,lac,etc.my point is That its really competetive theyre losing los ángeles and howards not 100% and now he dissed theyre chemistry and complemented the clipps WTF my lakers
  2. Well i think they have talent dh isn 100% dont think nash is either Probly 6 or 7 seed but they badly need a bench
  3. I saw a article about how the lakers Would be better in the playoffs and i agree theyre whole starting 5 have play off expirience(dh got beat on That second straight title.
  4. JC10

    Mobile Devices

    ^but That dosent han en in PR becuz we are a commonwealth And the video games are the same becuz of gamestop and the phone is about the fucked up retailers
  5. JC10

    Mobile Devices

    In puerto rico it costs $700 with contract or something and 4s is 500 its fucked up
  6. Yea harden is doing really good Over there hes like a horse That youve been holding back and 1 day just said go and he fucking went. The lakers man,15and16 and nos dw got injured
  7. I Searched NBA and nothing That stoyovacashit thing made me laugh so hard
  8. Its 5'o'clock in tha morning masacre dont you have to open up the ol body disposal joint tomorow?

  9. talk about the nba. my favourite team are the lakers
  10. well on topic=i think just get the gta logo in black with no specific game.
  11. this place gets weird at night

    1. JC10


      Well its my kind of weird and saw some cock slapping for punishment but i like the humor you dont see it anywhere else

    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      well good, so you're curious then... check out the asylum, it's probably what you're looking for... tell QD i sent ya ;)... he'll show you a good time...

    3. JC10


      Ok *skips away*

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  12. I can't find an ensemble of emoticons and words to respond to this with, but, I'd fuck you. Me, I have a long-standing desire to be an English teacher. Getting paid to correct spelling and grammar? *Cums* On topic, I run a body disposal/organ harvesting business. It pays alright, but, things ain't like they used to be. yea i bet theyre not the same.
  13. i think #5 and six are on topic.
  14. Im only 13 so obviously but i was just curious.
  15. got a puppy pitbull named machito.(spanish name)

    1. JC10
    2. Brian


      the on you were going to steal

    3. JC10


      u talking about a post or somthing?

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  16. I got a puppy,Gta3,GTA SA,and a shirt.fucking pissed but atleast theres three kings day here in puerto rico on january 6(christmas-like holiday) GONNA GET MY STUFF.
  17. JC10


    It costs $10 so im giving it a go.
  18. Yea but then there's no point in trowing money at a car a car in gta is not meant to last forever.
  19. Well wont the money go down the drain if the car gets destroyed
  20. What about: I don't have any bananas! And Julian you must be an idiot if you think CJ came up with "Does the pope shit in the woods?" Well,never said he came up with it and why would i know who came up with it?so who came up with it?
  21. Mine as you can see by my signature is from gta sa and its ''Does the pope shit in the woods''everytime i heard it theres a smile on my face.
  22. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYBODY!hope 2013 brings peace and happiness and lets hope for a great year in gaming.