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  1. Neither do I, all I do mainly is just cruise around really. Or explore shit, or try and get people to chase me to see if i can outrun them.

    And what I meant by suggesting the cruise system, is that by even joining the crew of this site, you'd be able to automatically join freeroams with people that want to play similarly. I havent even used it so im still a bit skeptical about how it will work. Either way im almost always going to be found out driving on country roads.

    Well that is pretty neat. You guys are fuckin cool, and I didn't quite understand how the crew thing works. I haven't played Max Payne 3, only read of it.

    If we are all in a crew what benefits does that grant us? Even if we aren't Xbox friends would we be able to invite crew members into games to back us up?

    More that I think of it, back up would serve me well because I talk A LOT of shit online lol. I back it up, but friends wouldn't hurt.

    Also I have always wanted to try some creative shit that I can't get enough people to do. I have great ideas for some drills that would create like the most elite bad ass motherfuckers in GTA.

    Imagine some ass clown on the map is fucking everyone's groove up somehow. Then imagine that 8 motherfuckers all skydive down, pull chutes very low, land, and all shoot that cocksucker with RPG's.... Yeah drink it in.

    It would be sweet.

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  2. Nowadays all I really listen to metalwise is White Zombie, Pantera, Metallica, Machine Head, Blind Guardian, and oh yeah King Diamond & Mercyful Fate.

    I listen to a lot more music than just metal, but when I am in the mood that's usually where my Spotify lands.

    It's good to have another KD fan around here. Andy LaRocque is one of my favourite guitarists.

    Nice! Yeah man Andy fuckin shreds. I flipped out when they put King Diamond in Guitar Hero Metallica. Huge fan. I think few others have pulled off the theatricality as well as he has.

    Oh hey, speaking of theatrical metal acts.... Lordi anyone? They crack me up and the riffs and hooks are kick ass.

  3. I think the topic sums it up. You can explore anywhere you want from the opening of the game. If you were inclined to take a trip and see any particular thing what would it be?

    Personally I am grabbing some wheels and heading straight for Mt. Chiliad.

    I wanna drive to the top of it, and then of course drive the car off the edge to my death. That is assuming there is not a readily available parachute up there.

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  4. My major concern that has not been addressed here is modding. Modders ruined GTA4 free roam for me. I understand now they have instituted a system in Max Payne 3 where all of these clowns are forced to play only with each other. It's a crock of shit to have 3-4 assholes in any game who can cause you to catch fire at a whim for no discernible reason.

    Do you guys know if Rockstar is solving this issue in GTA 5? Without that I will be avoiding online like the plague.

  5. Ever since playing Red Dead Redemption I have thought it would be incredible to be able to have some similar rope mechanics in GTA.

    Maybe not hogtie exactly, but tie a knot around someone's ankle and tie the other end to the back of your car. That would be incredible. It would surely be a fun way to dispose of prostitutes and the homeless.

    I would also love to be able to kidnap someone and stuff them in the back of the car a la Sleeping Dogs, but that may be a separate topic.

    Lets stick to the discussion of rope. I see you rappel down the sides of buildings for missions, so it might not be so far fetched.

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