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  1. Lol and btw @gunny.. that whole 16 and a half thing was another sarcasmic joke that was meant for you to make fun of, which you did.. Im so smart.. kinda..

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    2. GunSmith


      Right. Stroke your ego, it's all you can do, Death. An alleged "advanced" 16-year-old stroking his ego anonymously over the Internet? That's a pretty dumb thing to do, and it warrants being called a dumbass.

    3. BeetnikBriyan


      Yeah I'm a highly advanced 16 year old. I was made in the lab and they used more advanced technology to make me. Don't you see that I'm juss sayin all this shit to give you things too laugh at and make fun of? Which you have been. "I locked you but your posts are too entertaining" that isn't an exact quote from you but you said similar. I've been trolled for so long and I used to hate trolls. Until I found out how fun it actually was to do it. I'm like a victim...

    4. BeetnikBriyan


      (continued) of crime that went on a crime spree. I'm that guy you hate but laugh at, that's why I'm Death :P

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