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  1. Wow, the nostalgia of coming back here again... crazee that it's still here. The San Andreas days were the best. 🤩😍

    1. DuPz0r


      Yes they were brother!

  2. You guys moved to a new forum????

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    2. Jizzy


      Mr... Mr worldwide...

    3. Pitbull


      @gtagrlGTA5 pissed me off within the first week of Online and lost interest, haven't played since lol!! Once the hype comes for 6 I'll be back!

    4. gtagrl


      Don't forget RDR2...

  3. been on the piss all day celebrating st paddys day (half irish). And just found out bout fabrice muamba. Sad to see shit like that. hope he pulls through.

    1. Pitbull


      Paddys day was saturday. Not pissed in the slightest at moment. Was just making one point about the topic which i dont think conq got. Who cares.

  4. I love the fact most of england shut down yesterday because of snow. When will politicians and officials realize it snows in winter,

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    2. DuPz0r


      Simple answer: grit should be distributed evenly/properly across the country and stock piled for when it does snow.

    3. DuffMan


      TIL grit is magic and clears all snow instantaneously.

  5. I'm bored so i just typed in gta 5 into google. This sites 5th on the list. yay!

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    2. DuPz0r


      it's 4th for me

      > www.rockstargames.com/V


      >GTA5 Wiki


    3. Qdeathstar


      i licked balls the otherday..