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  1. Just realised I've not posted any of my pics in a long while.  Here's a few recent ones.


    27110838057_a3cfc158eb_c.jpgSt Walburge's Church by Gary Bond, on Flickr


    39692800130_f50afcce67_c.jpgWaiting at Carrog by Gary Bond, on Flickr


    42237574722_da5ba2ef57_c.jpgBR Standard 4 No: 76079 by Gary Bond, on Flickr


    This station featured in the first Harry Potter film and was a regular feature in the drama 'Heartbeat'.


    27414160137_211cae0b36_c.jpgGoathland station by Gary Bond, on Flickr


    41644292244_8931be2e1c_c.jpgWhitby Abbey by Gary Bond, on Flickr


    40559514000_8b23c50a34_c.jpgSailing back by Gary Bond, on Flickr


    28497425148_017bdbcb35_c.jpgRobin Hood's Bay by Gary Bond, on Flickr

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  2. A PvP was the last thing I wanted (that's certainly what it sounds like), I just think that scenario is tiresome.


    Have to say I am a bit disappointed as from the sounds of it I won't be able to play a 'traditional' single player game.  I'm not one with a great amount of friends to say the least so if it's largely online-focused then there isn't a great amount of attraction for me.


    Of course, there's still a good amount of details we're yet to hear/find out but my initial reaction to the latest news is "oh....".

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  3. I have to admit, I've watched that trailer about a dozen times and it still gives me goosebumps!


    Anyway, a lot of if's but's and maybe's but I'm with plenty of others when I say I hope it remains single player.  The only way I would accept multi-player, if it did swing that way a bit, is if it was co-op/story based rather than falling into the usual "you vs everyone else" - it needs to be different.  


    Oh and if base building does remain, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be building more crazy constructions!

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  4. 2 hours ago, gtagrl said:

    I somehow haven't achieved the trophy for 'kill 30 enemies by shooting fire arrows at oil jars", which is a head-scratcher since my main light bow has been a fire-arrow version since about level I've been revisiting some of the military outposts that I already cleared, to find the easy pickings - like soldiers sleeping on hay next to oil jars. :lol: I've also been randomly shooting at jars to see how big of a wildfire I can get going...some places it can spread surprisingly far.  Not recommended near locked-up civilians, however. 


    I ALWAYS shoot the fire jars whether there's enemies about or not - I strangely enjoy it! 


    Have to say I do use the bows and fire arrows a lot.  I got the 'control arrow' perk as soon as I could - absolutely love firing it at enemies' heads!

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  5. Just finished 'The Hidden Ones' DLC which was great fun!  Seriously, everything about this game is brilliant.


    I've been playing it for the best part of three months (haven't played anything else) and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

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  6. Just finished the main storyline and platinumed the game (probably the most straight forward and most enjoyable platinum yet!).


    I'll be brutally honest, this is the best AC game I've ever played.  Granted, Ezio is still my favourite character but Bayek is a close second.  It's been absolutely enjoyable to play and I've been thoroughly engrossed in it for the past two months.

    The quests, both side and main, were very enjoyable and different.  The combat, very different from previous and that was/is certainly a good thing.  The map - fucking huge and again, that's a good thing.  Really enjoyed exploring the many places and very often when I set out to do one thing, I ended up doing another!  Graphics, absolutely stunning!


    It's hard to find anything bad about this game - the ship battles were a little bit of a pain but other than that, it truly is a work of genius.  It definitely ranks highly along with Red Dead Redemption and some others amongst my favourite games.  Thank you Ubisoft, but please don't sink back into old ways of yearly releases!


    Some screenshots taken throughout my play through:








































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  7. I've finally got round to playing this over the past couple of weeks - fuck me, this game is absolutely immense.  Ubisoft needed to give the franchise a 'rest' whilst coming up with something new and a bit different - they've absolutely nailed it with Origins.  It's that good, I'm ranking it alongside the Ezio trilogy.


    I've barely done any of the main missions - about 3 at the most.  Hell, I had been playing it for a while, getting a lot done and I hadn't realised that I hadn't completed the prologue!


    I've explored quite a bit and I've still got a massive amount of the map still to explore - I'm absolutely loving it!  I'm enjoying twatting the shit out of hippos and crocodiles as well! :D

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  8. Finally got the bugger finished, well did as much as I could as I pushed it to it's limit again (glitching!).  Anyway, here's the pics of my new build 'Starlightworld' - I wanted to make reference to where it was built and I couldn't think of anything else to call it.

    It's a 'multi-purpose' entertainment venue with 3 cinema screens, a main auditorium for gigs, concerts, plays etc, a comedy club, an arcade/games area, pool room, computer room, a gym, 2 cafes, a restaurant/bar, a nightclub and a roof top terrace/bar.







    Lower floor cafe (also has an upstairs seating area)




    Some of the toilet facilities














    One of the lobbies




    Help desk




    Main auditorium from the ground floor




    Main auditorium from the third floor




    Main auditorium looking from the stage




    One of the bars in one of the lobbies




    Cinema screens and seating areas










    Main auditorium control box




    Projection room




    Staff living quarters






    Computer room - including cubicles for the dirty-minded!!






    Upper level cafe








    Gaming & arcade room










    Pool room








    Some of the gym changing facilities (dogs normally not allowed! :lol: )




    Comedy club




    Night club




    Rooftop terrace & bar




    I was going to say this would be my final build.... but I said that last time!  Now onto other things.

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  9. 17 minutes ago, ViceMan said:

    I think in every one of my playthroughs my settlements have been built out of wooden structures and junk fences, so this time for Nordhagen Beach I endeavoured to use something else - concrete. I still ended up using the junk fences mixed with tyres and the spiked barricades from Far Harbour. The USO mod adds so much shit to use, you can places faction NPCs, different merchants, animals, it's pretty nice.


    That's one of the mod's I've been using.  Was very pleased to see a lot more had been added since I started playing/building again.  A brilliant mod and it's helped me to create something rather special!

    8 minutes ago, CaPn bOnEs said:

    whats the USO mod? on PS4?



    this is the one i use, "dr. mobius's infinite stash" adds every item in the game, and with the push of a button, resets the container... i like the sound of the ability to place NPCs and stuff at settlements, animals and stuff...




    share some pics of your new settlement, gaz, when you get the time B)...


    There'll be plenty!  

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  10. I've gone a bit mental again and built another "monstrosity"!  I've built (well almost finished) building an 'entertainment complex' at Starlight Drive-in.  

    Have to say out of all my builds, this is my favourite so if anyone like my previous builds, you'll like this one!


    Spent a crazy amount of time on it, so much so I've levelled up 36 times just from building.

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  11. 7 hours ago, CaPn bOnEs said:

    well i'm jumping in day one, and i'll try and share some spoiler free images here when i can... and my own personal experience reviews... yea it's usually a great bargain bin purchase, i snatched up syndicate late last year for like $15, and i actually found it to be my favorite city and story...


    but this one comes with a photo mode and new combat and game mechanics... an RPG perk system that actually works, among other new features... plus that map!! i am definitely gonna pony up and buy this day one, haven't done that since black flag lol...


    I await your thoughts! ;) 


    I do intend on getting it at some point but want to make sure it's not another AC3 or Unity!

  12. Right, I'm back and now committing myself to another save file. 


    I said I really wasn't going to build anything else, well I changed my mind!  I now know exactly what I'm going to build and where I'm going to build it.  Now to see if there's any new goodies in the mods!

  13. Finally got round to playing it over the past month - whilst frustrating in parts, I have to admit it's a brilliant, brilliant game and for me, ranks up there as one of the best.


    I was a late-comer to the whole Uncharted series but I have thoroughly enjoyed playing all of them - kind of sad though to leave such great characters behind!  Do have to agree with some though that it was perhaps best to bring it to an end.


    Managed to platinum it as well (platinum number 24 for me) although I thought one or two of the trophies were quite stupid such as the speed run trophy - surely they should encourage people NOT to rush the game?!


    Anyway, back to the wasteland I go now!

  14. I never did carry on with that build.

    I have been planning on going back to Fallout 4 but that'll have to wait until I've finished with Uncharted 4.

    My initial plan is to start a brand new game/save file, mods and all!  Oh and I do intend on a new build project - I have Starlight Drive In in mind as a possible location.

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  15. I'm still playing this 3 months after I bought the damn thing! :lol:  Keep finding more stuff to do I didn't do first time round including most of the DLC.  'Platinumed' it again but decided to aim at getting all the DLC trophies too.


    It really does rank as one of the best games I've ever played, if not the best.


    Oh and just to clarify, it's nowhere near as buggy as the original PS3 version although some glitches still do exist! :lol: 


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  16. On 2017-6-12 at 7:21 AM, Massacre said:

    Black Flag and Syndicate were incredible and I can't recommend them enough.


    Just avoid Unity like the plague.




    It seems it depends on what studio is developing the game - I think Black Flag and Syndicate were developed by the same studio?   

    Unity and AC3 were truly abysmal so that leaves me concerned that one good AC game is followed up by a bad one....