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  1. Where did you get that? There are still tons of street gangs, and the LA mob is barely hanging on.

    Thank you massacre, I too know there's still completely loads of street gangs I don't know what exactly they're talking about :/


  2. This is the gang topic. The original OP has been put in spoiler tags below in order to preserve conversation in the early posts, but the topic is about gangs in general, not one specific gang. - Massacre

    What you think? Will they play a role in GTA V? They're a pretty well known and terrorfying gang. Give the video a watch, its quite intersting. don't think anyone has made a thead on the MS-13 gang? They are mainly based in LA so chances are we will get a very similar gang :)

    Oh and I love you, Brian. You are encouraged to watch, but I won't be offended if you don't. :wub:

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  3. I would certainly hope so. I personally love all this stuff, can really add to the games atmosphere, like being in the woods on the night, can kinda give you that paranoid feeling. Bigfoot is almost certainly going to be a easter egg/rumour as bigfoot is actually part of the logo on the police car in the trailer. UFO's were hinted at in SA so I'd like to see them advance on that and serial killers? I think every GTA needs a serial killer lol They make very interesting characters.

  4. REALLY interested in seeing what they come up with in terms of merchandise and an online program apparently. Surely rockstar won't try to get us to actually buy merchandise? Right? xD But I'd like to think they're gonna release some free related software or it might be a new website or just an add on to the current website. Hopefully we see this stuff "soon".

  5. Well if they're smart they'll definitely have different police for the countryside. We want to see things like rangers and sheriffs. We should get police trucks/SUVs and bikes. With these different kinds of cops there should also come different police weaponry. For example, countryside police should carry something such as a revolver and maybe an older type shotgun. Lets just hope they've really improved by introducing things like batons, tasers, pepperspray and CS gas.

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  6. Hmm its a good question. I'd imagine you start off in the city, but yeah its going to be the biggest map yet and they're going in a new direction so I really wouldn't be surprised if it was all unlocked from the start. Unless something is crucial to the story and can't be spoilt, in that case I'd guess that they'd have bridges closed off and you may think hmm I'll just get a plane or helicopter and fly where I want, I think that this time round it won't be possible, you'll be labelled as a terrorist threat and thats where they bring in the jet(s). Basically you get proper fucked. :) lol