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  1. Given the size of the map, I'd say that different police districts are a given. Do you think the game will feature undercover/plain clothes cops? And what about state police? (a GTA parody of the CHiP and LASD)? I'd assume FIB and NOOSE are returning, but I hope they've upgraded the police intelligence. And I'll be very interested in how they mark the difference between different police districts and agencies (LSPD have newer cruisers and better guns, another smaller department wold have older cars and older guns).

    Yeah I agree. We saw how heavily equipped michael is, surely the police are really upgraded in order for them to keep up? I'm at least expecting SWATs to rappel down from choppers, use tear gas, snipers, K9 dogs etc. If they're going to just be shoot to kill and still just as stupid it really wouldn't work.

  2. Just so everybody knows, If you want you're feedback looked at don't post in the comments email Rockstar games using this email

    [email protected]

    Seriously that email does not work for shit lol I tried 4 seperate times, copy and pasted in the email, typed in the full email, each time I just got a message back saying it failed to be sent. Anyone else have that problem?

  3. Xbox 360 all the way, without causing a war I still stick with the 360 because I just think there are far better exclusives plus the PSN needs a few tweeks.

    But GTA V isn't Xbox exclusive, so that point is pretty much worthless here.

    Look you're obviously for the PS3, you don't have to get bitchy because I said I'm getting it for the Xbox 360. Your reply was 100x more worthless and pointless.

  4. I have no idea why people are worried and hoping zombies won't be part of the story.....I think it's safe to say they definitely won't be. I can't believe I even had to say that. It's just ok for them to make some sort of DLC spin off because you have the option to download it and those who don't want to don't have to, everybody wins. However earthquakes in GTA V make interesting convo's....think I'd like to see that.