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  1. Right is it just me or are SWAT members chasing him?

    I think it's just the picture quality that's making them look like that...

    I don't know's the same in the other pics. The guys behind the door of the normal police car look like normal officers whereas the ones near the SUVs look like SWAT members of some sort. They're covered in head to toe in some black armour :/

  2. Okay first off cops didnt just chase you or go after you. I've encountered cops chasing and shooting other people in GTA IV many times. And I dont want to see military come back honestly because if is very unrealistic to call the military for 1 guy causing havoc. Wouldnt happen,

    If a man, is walking around killing hundreds of people, blowing up several vehicles, surviving hundreds of rounds from guns such as pistols, shotguns and M16s, I think it's ok for them to call in the army to try and handle the situation xD

  3. I think it's fair to say we can expect to see loads of sealife underwater. Anyone know the chances of sharks being in LA waters? We should see snakes in the desert...

    Anyone got a theory on how chop will work? Do people think he'll be available in free roam and will he work as a weapon? My word it's unlikely but imagine having a dog as an upgrade in multiplayer. Would be fantastic.

  4. Think the damage could be improved to the chopper. The more realistic, the more I'll like it to be honest. Although one thing about bikes, like in TLAD we better be able to use weapons such as shotguns (sawn off) while riding a motorbike, while driving anything we need more access to weapons. Fair enough a guy driving a car can't shoot a shotgun, but in multiplayer, the guy in the passenger seat can. That should be allowed, it's awesome whenever you see a cop chase in a movie and the cop is leaning out the window with a shotgun. We need this.

  5. I wouldn't rule it out...seems unlikely at this stage. I'd love to drive a train again, as the freight trains are back, be interesting to see how the police try to stop you. As for submarines? Well I think I remember seeing one that didn't work in SA or something? I don't know, vaguely. But something crazy like that was hinted at in BOGT, which strangely combined the idea of turning a train cart into a submarine may get your wish all in one vehicle. Lol

  6. After watching the trailer again Frank does sound like Ice Cube, I still don't think it's him though.

    it really could be ice cube!!

    Ice cube i could consider my favorite rapper. that is not him.

    Let's put an end to this discussion :v

    i honestly have no clue why people say he sounds like ice cube. they sound nothing alike.

    Wow lmao That's who the black guy sounds like! I knew he sounded like someone, definitely sounds like Ice Cube to me man.

    So hang on....close but no cigar? That mean he knows maybe a rapper who's doing the voice?

  7. is there any evidence that GTA 5 WILL have gangs? can't find any official word on it.

    In the Second Trailer at 1:18 seconds in, the "Black Guy" sliding over the car is wearing a Purple T-Shirt ( Possible Ballas Gang Member ).

    At 42 seconds in if you look carefully ( with High Definition on the video player ) you can see a Ballas tag on the bench next to Michael ( as pointed out by Marcus in the Post before yours ).

    And lastly Franklin's character synopsis in the GI Article says he is an ex-gangbanger, with his friend still possibly being one as well. And in the trailer if you listen to the banter between Franklin and his friend you hear them talking about; "Slangin' Dope and Throwin' up Gang Signs".

    As for any official word from Rockstar I can't say.

    But what I can say is in my opinion gangs of some shape or form will make an appearance in GTA V. But too what extent, I don't know.

    Hope that helps. :D

    Well said.