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  1. I want them to put the woods to better use this time round, like include loads of rumours in the game, like rumours of a serial killer in the woods or sasquatch or a werewolf, stuff like that gets me pretty excited :D the little things mean a lot to me, i wanna see people out camping in the woods, teens partying round camp fires nd stuff, then you could act like youre the serial killer xD but yeah heres hoping they put in better uses of the woods and expand it, along with a huge realistic highway and MASSIVE desert which looks like its happening judging by the trailer :D

  2. One thing that many have not really thought about is the cheats. The cheats in GTA IV were a huge fail I think its fair to say, whereas one of the reasons people can remember San Andreas so well is because of all the cheats that were possible. So whats your opinion, do you think that they will bring them fun cheats back for better replay value? and second out of all the cheats which one would you like to see return the most, mine being yep you guessed it Pedestrians Riot lol

  3. I don't trust magazines. A well known 360 magazine in the UK said that GTA V would be released by April 2011 lol. So I'd stay away from that. As for the new consoles? I still don't think we've got the most out of the next gen consoles yet. I don't think we'll be seeing the next consoles for at least another couple of years. We've been hearing about these new consoles for the last few years. But want something more accurate and realistic? We could see the next consoles in 2016. Along with a new GTA.