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  1. this is why i think rockstar should put out a gameplay series, or at least a Q&A, if people don't want the game spoiled then they don;t have to read it.

    but there was new game mechanics in Red Dead and they put out a gameplay series, so why not gta?

    at its core, gta v will be the same game we've been playing for years. but a lot of people want to see how the switching works, how certain aspects such as dying or getting busted works; will it switch to another character?.. is it shared pool of cash, is it a shared pool of weapons.

    i think maybe some people are put off by the 3 characters and if rockstar showed how easily it as been implemented into the game it could help day one sales, even though there prob wont be hurt, there could be a large group of people waiting to see how it all works

    I really hope we're going to get a video series. Great when they do that. I'm really hoping the police will get their own video. Hopefully they have been improved enough