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  1. Question to the americans...who actually wants to keep their firearms in the US? As I've noticed they're now trying to demonize gun owners

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    2. PedestrianRiotz


      Fucking hell look at all these comments. Keep in mind, Americans need guns in case the government turns on them (its not crazy, its entirely possible) and you're worried about the assault rifles? Go check what the government is investing into.... armored tanks, drones, exclusive more deadly guns, if you're government turns on you, you're going to at least need these rifles. If you read certain bills, obama wants to take nearly all guns, even pump action shotguns, he might not say...

    3. CFO Charles

      CFO Charles

      Incase the government turns on you? Jesus Christ, Americans have far too much thinking time on their hands.... I've heard some really ridiculous theories on why Americans need guns but that one takes the cake.

    4. Godfather


      CFO Charles, have you ever heard of Hitler? dude the government turning on the people is a really big thing that has a huge chance in actully happening...

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