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  1. So... how 'bout that USA team... Anybody believing the "PLAY FOR THE WIN" bullshit. I'm and American, but I do follow and compete in football more than any sport. I HATE American rules football. Nevertheless, I'm hoping the USMNT can pull out a shock victory. FIFA is cracking down pretty heavy in recent times, and even if it's an honest tie, we'll still have to overcome Belgium in Round of 16. Also, I see Ghana winning against Portugal, and by a just-good-enough-amount. I'm hoping that CR7 can make an impact along with Pepe coming back. The sad thing though is that Portugal has no chance without a blowout victory or a blowout USA loss, so they may submit VERY easily to Ghana. Tomorrow's definitely gonna be a pride war between each team.

  2. I always imagined Carcer as Detroit, so I would love to see a GTA with Carcer, Alderny, Liberty City, maybe Bullworth, Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas, a San Andreas like representation of Florida (with Vice City, Cottenmouth, Orlando like place, and an everglades area); As for an england country: London, Manchester, Liverpool, Brighton, maybe Cardiff; as for South American I want Rio and Sao Paulo; for and Asian land mass I want parts of China, Burma, Russia, Korea and... THE CITY OF TOKYO!

  3. You gotta be fucking kidding me. /lock

    Relax you fucking nerd. Don't browse the threads on this site with a bad attitude. Take a deep breathe, relax, and enjoy it for what it is.

    Sounds like you're acting like more of a bitch. I also have more of a life than you'll ever have Commander Dipshit McFapsalot. Honestly this topic is pointless shit. When topics that have no relevance are made, it spams the news feed. In case you've noticed in all of your 10 seconds here, there is a "latest forum discussions" header. Welcome to forums

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  4. I think that actually might be two different trailers in the river, or possibly a redesign.

    Look at the satalite dish and pipes on top of the one in the screen shot with trevor, its also pointing down the river. The one in the shot with the plane doesnt have any satalite dish and is pointed more sideways.

    Some game companies might settle for just one trailer in a river... But not rockstar

    umm... this has to be a troll