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  1. So I'm thinking that the truck that says vapid on the front in the new screen shots is the ford raptor. And if it is I can't wait to drive it because I love that truck.

    It's a modified Contender.

    The only reason I say raptor is because it has ford written on the front of it. Which made me think it was a raptor. But it could be both combined or just the contender I'm not sure. But I believe your opinion a lot more than my own with his much you've been right.

  2. I think the 83 is just the gamer tag if you remember in the gameplay trailer they all had different numbers above the players. Each player had a different number as the gamer tag. But who knows.

    They weren't just numbers though....

    They weren't just numbers but they were 1,2,3,4 and so on and there could be 100 players online in one session or just playing online and the one who made the gameplay trailer may have been 83. But like I said I have no clue I'm just guessing.