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  1. I don't really see the point of smoking weed, not saying that there is anything wrong with it. I just hate the overwhelming stench of it that and the people that constantly brag about smoking weed, I guess it makes them feel cooler in the presence of others. When not to long ago nobody really spoke about smoking weed as openly as they do now. Which is the same thing with video games people use to never really talk about it in public. Should it be legal? I don't really know i'm not really for or against it.

    Also I don't quite see how this belongs in rants and raves. But it's not my problem to care so since it is. Fuck you.

    Was going to write along the lines of what you wrote so, as it's quicker I'll just agree with you ;)


  2. yes but after he kills john marston and you turn into jack marston he goes off your map. A side mission allows you to find him on the map and finish him off once and for all and get revenge for killing your dad. This is what i wanted to find out from this topic. So cheers everyone who helped, i've killed him now :)