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  1. im gonna get myself into a cop chase probably by finding an airport and stealing a plane if possible. the best way to explore any map is by being forced to
  2. *sniff sniff* do i smell backfire? im not the only one who saw that am i?
  3. all i ask for is some mods for offroad cars like lift kits, bigger tires, and fog lamps
  4. i have a question. who really cares what it looks like. how much time do you really expect to spend looking at the thing before you pop the disk in and get playing? with that said i think its gonna be like a big 5 dollar bill [GTA style] and thats it
  5. im gonna take the first car i see and piss around the map endlessly for hours. then im gonna realize ive been doing nothing orderly and try to find the military base, break in, and take a plane and fly everywhere possible.
  6. sounds pretty legit. i guessed my birthday for that contest thing so i hope it comes out the next friday from that date
  7. this actually makes me think that there might be some sort of "big heist". something like oceans 11 at the end of the game or maybe that is the core and the little ones are just side missions so-to-speak. i think if these cameras turn out to be what we think they are, we would have missions that are focused on the hacking into the cameras, as well as entire missions where we have to steal blueprints of a building, learn to crack a safe, get a getaway vehicle, ect.
  8. I have an android tablet and ive used ipads many times and owned an ipod for 2+ years. i personaly like Android much better. there is a lot to do on it that you cant on apple. For example you can just go on the internet and download an app and use the "Application Installer" and just install it without jailbreaking it or anything. you can also root it and get tons of cool features. i have something that does Face Unlock with the front camera and once i decided to convert the thing to linux just for fun. Basically i love the customization that it offers, pretty much every aspect is customizable and makes it a lot better. BTW i mostly use it for watching movies and in addition to netflix you can stream stuff from browsers which is a ton better than netflix.