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  1. I had a weird one last night. It started off with me at a sort of military base doing something I can't remember, then it morphed into me flying across a huge lake in Minecraft. I reached the other side of the lake and saw a huge Minecraft version of Hogwarts which was apparently the set of the Yogscast's (group of people who post various videos on YouTube about Minecraft and other games) Harry Potter Minecraft series (which doesn't exist). Then I'm a non-Minecraft Harry Potter who, for some reason, can't be seen by anyone. I'm then riding along the highway in a dark blue Jaguar E-Type with a red interior (interestingly the same colour as the one I own in TDU2) but I get out and decide to carry on by bicycle, still not on everyone's hit list. The chain comes off and when I stop to fix it, I get kidnapped by an evil woman who has a disorder that makes her look like a five foot baby and her evil Mexican nanny sidekick who happen to be driving the same blue Jag. When we reach her mansion, I'm standing there thinking "oh no, I've actually been kiddnapped. What do I do? If only this were a dream. Hold on this is a dream!" At this point I realise I'm dreaming and proceed to stab my baby-faced kidnapper in the face with a broom. Then I woke up :blink:

  2. While it is true that I prefer European cars, I still love old American cars from the 40's, 50's, and 60's. They just have that style and attention to detail not found on modern cars. With that said, I also would never go around shouting that American cars suck into the faces of American car fans who I don't even know lol. Screw it here's a list (I like lists :P):

    1. 100mph in 2nd gear without blowing the gearbox? Right. On that note, I get my driving license in September which is both awesome and means I couldn't have driven a 911.

    2. My dad did have a '92 Jetta and I loved it but it only got 40mpg on a good day.

    3. 20mph in a Porsche 911 is probably about right.

  3. I think they should include some things along the lines of the caves containing ancient temples and artifacts in FarCry 3. I especially liked the mission where you find that ancient Chinese ship underground. First time I saw that I was like WOW. Of course I don't think it would be as extensive in GTA V but a few caves like that would be sweet.

  4. 30mi^2 was just a realistic guess on what it might be. Wasn't really trying to be accurate with interior space and whatnot. And 129km/h is 80mph, QD.

    Anyway, I drove a Cheetah from the bit of highway on the west side of the Los Santos Inlet to the "Ghost Truck" just north of Verdant Meadows in exactly 4:30. Bear in mind, though that that drive didn't include any city driving, just highways and mostly straight rural roads. So straight in fact, that I think I'm going to try again from east to west from Mt. Chilliad to Los Santos for a more real-world scenario. I'm really interested in finding out how big the map is from a gameplay standpoint rather than physical size.

  5. I calculated that it takes about 2 3/4 minutes to go straight across San Andreas (3.6ish miles) at 130km/h. If the GTA V map is 30m^2, it would take about 4 1/4 minutes. Not bad, but I thought it would be a bit more. But that was flying a plane. I think driving would be more relevant to most people so I'll do that and get back to you.

  6. I think that there should be car dealerships around the map and maybe even a website where you can buy cars (there was a used car website in GTA IV, it just wasn't functional) and when you buy a car, it's your car and will never disappear unless destroyed, no matter how far away you go or if you do missions, switch characters, etc. That way, you don't need to worry about saving it; just park it in whatever place suits you (garage, side of the road, on top of a mountain) and don't worry about losing it. As for stolen cars, the same applies, but only for the last 1-2 cars you drove.

    This also eliminates the problem of losing your car during a mission if that mission requires you to use a specific vehicle. Just park your car in a safe place and get it once the mission is done.

    I also liked the police impound lot idea that was mentioned a little while ago. If you die (in a non-your-car-getting-blown-up-or-dumped-into-the-sea realated accident) or get arrested, you car can be moved to a safe place where you can collect it after you get out of the hospital.

  7. Okay I just got the news. Los Santos will be the size of SA, RDR, and IV combined??? HOLY FUCKING SHIT. That's waht? 40mi^2? that big. huge gigantic! by far and away exceeded my expectations wheres my fucking cell phone shitt asdaa

    EDIT: Wow, grammar and spelling be damned lol. And it seems to be the general consensus that the whole map is that size, not just Los Santos so I'll just go with the flow. Ridiculously huge map either way, though.

  8. I definitely think the more realistic, the better. But that's just my opinion. GTA IV's driving but less soft and floaty (not all car's handle like Oldsmobiles from the 1970s :P ) I'll be happy. My big problem was the AI. I too drive like a civilian sometimes and find it really annoying that the AI treats you like an obstacle when you stop at a red light and goes around or crashes into you. The only time I see both the reverse lights working on my Marbelle is when I'm backing out of the Pay n' Spray because I get rear-ended at the first intersection 99% of the time. The AI needs to be a bit smarter and generally do a better job at following traffic laws.

    And as joealmont said, the some of the traffic lights are backwards but this is only at 3-4 intersections that I've noticed.

  9. About 10 years ago, I was a member of a little online city-building game that I forget the name of. When I joined, I was wasted and couldn't think of anything so I named my city Fluffy Town because that was the first thing that popped into my head. Later that night, I was bored with my life so I decided to Google "Fluffy Town". Nothing came up so I (still bored with my life) decided to make my own country. I saw the word "Google" across my computer screen in big colorful letters and decided to combine Fluffy Town and Google and name my country Googlefluff. My profile name has always been Googlefluff since then.