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  1. :bird: :bird: "Confirmed car impound (if your car disappears you can pay a fee to get it back)"

    Nigga what the fuck. Every car i get in to gets destroyed every 2 minutes, i shouldn't have to pay a large "fee" just to get my shit back. It's a game, R* is taking the realism way too seriously. Also Fuck cvg, just because you seen 30 minutes of gameplay doesn't mean you know shit about the game, they want fans to ask them questions even though they mostly respond to them with "we don't know". They are regular nobodies.

    Somebody hand this guy^^ a tampon...

    And roll cages as a option! Hopefully this will mean cars without have the capability of the roof caving in!?

    And a driving lesson.

  2. What's wrong with the driving? The cars in GTA IV were very soft and floaty. To me, the handling in the trailer looks like thay just made the suspension stiffer and more realistic.

    Overall, it looks amazing! Especially the customization :faplight:

    It looks like Arcade driving. Doesnt have the "feel" of previous GTA's

    All GTA's before GTA IV had arcadey driving. All I see in the trailer is GTA IV's handling with better suspension. And they are still using the same engine as GTA IV so it can't be that different. You also have to remember that, in both of the scenes that are being questioned, they're driving high-end sports cars. Those moves couldn't be pulled off in GTA IV because of the unrealistically soft suspension, but could be pulled off in real life (not taking into account that fact that the driver couldn't have reacted fast enough).

  3. I'm pretty sure this is the otherside as well but not sure exactly where:


    We have the train line and the highway running along side each other similar to the above plane pic (and into the desert like the newer yellow biplane pic).

    Does it look like Trevor's Bhodi has custom rims in the pic to anyone else.

    An old Defender isn't the first thing that comes to mind when I think of customization but, yes. Yes it does.

  4. Yes I am aware of the NSA's recent fuckery. But you can unplug it when you're not using it since the console no longer checks in every 24 hours. What I said about the price still stands. The PS4 is $400 without the PS Eye and the XB1 would be about the same price without Kinect. You're paying for extra hardware. I'm going to play SimCity now and will leave this thread alone (forever) since you all turn into whiny children as soon as the word "console" is mentioned.

  5. I'm just saying, whether you want it or not, the console isn't any cheaper; you're paying for what you get. And on the topic of the government spying on you (really guys?), now that always-on isn't a thing anymore, there's nothing stopping you from just unplugging the Kinect when you're not playing so, even if the government wanted to watch you have sex on your couch, you can turn it off.