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  1. Finally saved up enough and bought the $87k apartment in Little Seoul, switched sessions to join a friend, and lost it along with the money I used to buy it. Now I'm back to square one and hoping that things get sorted out soon.

  2. Passive mode needs to protect you from people running you over and shooting and blowing up the car you're driving. I'm in the process of being harassed by someone who I won't name (*cough*NiKKo J11*cough*) and am being run over constantly. I was on the way to an ATM too so I lost like $2 000 (a lot when you're just starting out).

  3. 9715057660_048c23eeb7_o.png

    /\ That looks like this \/


    Why the hell did that post more than once? Jesus, I wanted to edit the first one.

    WTF! Now it edited this one. Ugh...

    Okay things seem to have sorted themselves out. The reply option was editing my post and the edit option was replying :rolleyes:

    Anyway, I look at it again at I looks like it could be a wreck but I'm still inclined to believe it's an early 1930s sedan.